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  1. thecardigankid

    FS: Reproduction Marine Corps Uniforms and accessories

    I have for sale the following uniforms. I have a set of World War Two Impressions Marine Corps Dress Blues in excellent condition, worn only a few times. The Blouse is a size 48, it has original corporal chevrons on it and an original matching set of 1937 pattern EGAs on the collar. The...
  2. thecardigankid

    US Enlisted Service Coats

    Does anyone have a service coat from what price glory? I'm trying to decide if I want to buy one from him or get one of the new ones from at the front. I'd like to see some close up detailed photos of WPGs 4 pocket service coat, if you have one how does it compare to the originals?
  3. thecardigankid

    Rediscovered aerial photos

    Excellent, glad these were saved! There is a friend of mine who obtained from a client of his some years ago a photo album. His clients father was a reconnaisance pilot on D-Day and the album he has is full of photos of the landings from the air, you can see in the photos the landing craft...
  4. thecardigankid

    "The Belle of the Brawl" A-2 F/S

    Dang I was hoping it was the one from the 401st bomb group that has the lady leaning against the ropes of a boxing ring. That is an exceptionally nice A2 though!
  5. thecardigankid

    Eastman Leather .50 Cal Collection

    With my 25th Birthday approaching I have decided for my gift to myself this year to get an Eastman B-3 and B-2 Cap. I really like the worn used look of the .50 cal collection. Has anyone ordered from the .50 Cal collection line or has anyone seen it up close? If so what are your thoughts?
  6. thecardigankid

    V-E Day 2012

    AMERICA: Back to back World War champions 1918 and 1945
  7. thecardigankid

    The Futbol War

    I had heard the same thing about Israel during the 1948 war, but I heard it as second hand info not from a historical fiction novel.
  8. thecardigankid

    The Futbol War

    I know this isn't WW2 but it involves ww2 aircraft. Does anyone know about the Futbol War of the late 60s where surplus Corsairs and P51s were squaring off against eachother and C47s had been converted into heavy bombers. Anyone know much about this small war?
  9. thecardigankid

    I had a fight with my wife tonight....

    It is interesting. Especially how some can participate so freely in some non golden era topics, and willingly. But the second it is subject matter that they don't agree with or if they find it offensive then it's all of a sudden "off topic" interesting... On the other hand I found this joke...
  10. thecardigankid

    I beg to inform you:

    May he rest in peace
  11. thecardigankid

    Take the "Time Travel Challenge!"

    I would go back in time to March 20th 1976. I would have then taken my $50 and opened a bank account. I would then take out a large loan and then on April 1st 1976 I would invest that large loan and become a key share holder in Apple with my earnings from the company going back into a retirement...
  12. thecardigankid

    Fireman's helmet Value

    What you have is a Cairns Sam Houston which is a helmet that has been in production for several decades now. Brand new this helmet sells for around 600 dollars. It appears to be in very good condition (can't see any cracks in it) what's the liner look like? On ebay a used helmet like this...
  13. thecardigankid

    This or That

    Soft collar Bill Haley or Frankie Vali?
  14. thecardigankid

    Just Watched Red Tails.

    I saw it as well, I enjoyed it, thought some of the lines were a little hokey tho. I really enjoyed the scenes at the air base, looked very top notch. When I got to the theater there were television crews interviewing people who had watched the showing before mine. Apparently the showing before...
  15. thecardigankid

    Good News Report on WW1

    Came across this news report about ww1 veteran Harry Patch. Very good piece. http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/somerset/hi/people_and_places/newsid_8188000/8188519.stm
  16. thecardigankid

    What did you do in the war Daddy...?

    Are you serious? Research the story behind both flag raisings, it wasn't a staged photo. Hell a forum member just stated he had talked to the actual photographer who took the picture and the photographer stated getting the image was merely by chance, right place right time. Trust me, coming from...
  17. thecardigankid

    Weight Loss Club: Do You Have A Weight Loss Goal?

    Right now my goal weight to get to is 230, I've got about 80 pounds to go and am trying my work out and dieting in phases, I'm doing High Intensity Interval Training and weight training with full body workouts for two months to amp up my stamina and my diet during this time is a high protein low...
  18. thecardigankid

    What did you do in the war Daddy...?

    Oh yes I know it was the second flag raising.
  19. thecardigankid

    What did you do in the war Daddy...?

    The flag raising on Iwo Jima wasnt a posed photograph, the photographer happened to catch the shot at the right moment. Its not like the photographers said "hey go slowly when you raise the flag, hold it, okay perfect!" They just took the pic while they were in the process of raising the larger...
  20. thecardigankid

    Pearl Harbor 70th anniversary events?

    Myself and a couple friends will be attending a Pearl Harbor Ceremony held at the 8th Air Force Museum in Pooler, Ga. on Sunday. I hope I can be in Hawaii for the 75th Anniversary, my grandfather on my mothers side of the family was a survivor of the attack, he was on the USS Oklahoma, and my...