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  1. Banky

    fitting a new Borsalino w/concerns

    Verdeo, I'm not the owner of the Brass Rooster, Just a hatter there. I'm glad I was able to get the hat to fit well for you and I'm happy to put that long oval shape into any of your hats. Wear it with pride, the Como suited you well! And of course we'd be thrilled to put a brass rooster hat...
  2. Banky

    FS: 4 vintage hats 7 1/8-7 1/4 Borsalino, stetson vita felt, burton taylor

    Hey guys! I've got 4 hats looking for new homes! below is a link to a photobucket album containing pictures of each hat. All are between 7 1/8 and 7 1/4. My head measures 22 1/2" these hats all fit me fairly well. I'm pricing these to move, and not trying to make a buck. I'll offer you a...
  3. Banky

    Art Fawcett VS Hall of Fame

    Beautiful hats, Art. Being that these bodies came from our store I can confirm what Art is telling you guys, this felt is by far the most challenging to work with but very gratifying when it come together. From the craftsman's standpoint there isn't much to work with, so if you mess something...
  4. Banky

    Underwelts - Yay or Nay?

    For me, having attempted to do them and having what I considered deplorable results I see a well executed underwelt as a thing of beauty and a show of great craftsmanship. That being said, they aren't my preference for personal wear.
  5. Banky

    Nutria report

    The question was whether beaver or Nutria was better. The answer then as it is now is beaver in the case of a dress hat, costs aside. I'm well aware other animals make fine felts but beaver is the gold standard, regardless.
  6. Banky

    Nutria report

    Nutria tends to be a somewhat more rough and hearty felt, great for westerns and rough wear. In terms of dress hats Beaver, as it always was, is the gold standard.
  7. Banky

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    I ought to just be your personal hat shopper, Harv you look better in these hats than I ever have!
  8. Banky

    Hats F/S sizes 7 3/8 and 7 1/4 Dobbs burton Taylor

    Dobbs sold! Just the burton taylor remains!
  9. Banky

    Hats F/S sizes 7 3/8 and 7 1/4 Dobbs burton Taylor

    These two still available!
  10. Banky

    Hats F/S sizes 7 3/8 and 7 1/4 Dobbs burton Taylor

    The prices are listed under the descriptions but for ease they are $115, $215, and $225 respectively. Thanks for asking!
  11. Banky

    Hats F/S sizes 7 3/8 and 7 1/4 Dobbs burton Taylor

    3 hats I just don't wear I'm not looking to make money on these just get out of them so prices are negotiable. I apologize for the less than stellar photos, lighting in my place is not optimum. Also, if you are interested in all three, I'll be happy to do a bulk deal. Paypal only please. Prices...
  12. Banky

    Tip of the hat

    Can sympathize to some extent.. The lounge can be a bit much sometimes. Best of luck in all your future endeavors and I'm sure the door will always be open around here!
  13. Banky

    Post New Hats Here!

    Some better daytime shots of my first (mostly) solo hat. Ribbon work done by Art as a gift while visiting our shop this week. As described in the "What hat are you wearing today?" thread a few pages back. Please excuse my screwed up collar and the dark spot in the ribbon shot is a raindrop.
  14. Banky

    Do's and Don'ts of shaping a "cowboy" hat

    It's been my experience in regard to modern westerns that have the creases pressed in to them that they really have to be reblocked to open crown and pressed to get the lines from the original crease out. They're always a pain when they come across my bench.
  15. Banky

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Thank you, Richard. All credit goes to Art, The man has an indomitable knowledge of hat making. I was blown away with how easily he looked at my hat and was able to tell me where I needed to do things differently or improve upon what I already had.
  16. Banky

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Thank you, G. I'm probably more proud of it than I should be. But I worked very hard on it. With Art's patience and tutelage it turned out better than I could have hoped.
  17. Banky

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Hey guys, So I finally got around to finishing my apprentice piece after some time on and off working on it. This is my first (mostly) unaided hat. As most of you know this week Art Fawcett was visiting our shop. I asked him if he would be so kind as to do the ribbon work on my hat as a...
  18. Banky

    ROAD TRIP!!!!! Milwaukee

    Art, I can say from personal experience the Great Lakes Distillery put out some mighty fine products ;)
  19. Banky

    ROAD TRIP!!!!! Milwaukee

    I think I speak for all of The Brass Rooster when I say we are beyond excited and humbled to have Art coming to our shop, it's going to be a lot of fun and a lot of learning for all involved!
  20. Banky

    Headwear Association Annual Dinner 2014

    They are great people. Maybe one day when I'm not low man on the totem pole in a company of 3 people I'll be able to attend the dinner as well. I had to stay at the shop while they went and had fun :p