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  1. pawineguy

    Spring Cleaning Part 4 - Diamond Dave J-100 Black, Size 44

    Leather is Horween Essex which comes to Dave as dark brown and then he dyes it black and applies a sturdy top coat. Zippers and snaps are NOS. Has the steerhide Buco label. He used his stock 44 (revised) pattern and added sleeve length. The Essex leather is 3 oz, and is very comfortable...
  2. pawineguy

    Spring Cleaning Part 3 Aero A-2 Bronco Russet Horsehide 44

    Beautifully broken in Aero A-2 in the mid-weight Russet Jerky Horsehide, tagged as a 44. Mustard liner, OD stitching, Talon zipper. The liner is in perfect condition as are the brown knits. Purchased from another member who was the original owner. $425 including shipping in the U.S. I'll...
  3. pawineguy

    Spring Cleaning Part 2 - Vanson Enfield circa 1980 - 42

    By the serial number this jacket dates to approximately 1980 - liner is in great shape, no tears or holes, zippers all work fine, leather has a fantastic look and is very solid all around. This jacket has decades of life left in it. As I purchased this from another member, just looking to...
  4. pawineguy

    Spring Cleaning Part 1 Thedi Padded Cafe Racer XL but fits like L

    SOLD - Bought this to ride on the bike but never did, just hung in the closet and so I figured it's time for a new home. 50% off - $525 including shipping for a brand new, mint jacket. (horsehide) http://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/thedi-padded-cafe-racer-in-italian-hh.85535/ Back...
  5. pawineguy

    Danner 6" Brown Quarry and 10" Black Rainforest - Goretex 10D

    IMO these fit true to size. Both are Goretex and the black 10" Rainforest haven't been worn outside. The brown quarry boots have been worn less than 10 times and are 9.5/10. American made Danners for a huge savings over new. Paypal gift please and free shipping in continental USA. 6" brown...
  6. pawineguy

    Gustin Trucker Jacket Brown Waxed Large

    Originally $139, this is the unlined waxed trucker from Gustin. I've worn it only 2-3 times, and it's in pristine condition. Fits pretty much like a standard size Large, dimensions below. $50 OBO via PayPal inclusion shipping. 19" shoulders 23" chest pit to pit 26" arms 25" back length 22"...
  7. pawineguy

    Epaulet Harris Tweed Eisenhower Jacket XL, fits like L

    Purchased new from Epaulet and worn less than 10 times. New price was $575. This is a great lighter weight, Spring / Fall jacket, or for cool summer nights. Leather trim on collar with throat tab and inside the cuffs. Sateen inside the sleeves and cotton tartan main body lining. 19.75"...
  8. pawineguy

    New Goodwear / Diamond Dave Cafe Racer

    If they make this in something heavy enough to wear on the bike, would be a nice option with the full action back. The pattern is apparently based on the J-100, but with the action back and kidney panel. I'm a fan. This particular one was made in tea-core goatskin. @Monitor ...
  9. pawineguy

    Vanson Enfield 44 in Rare Dark Brown

    This one was an impulse buy to go with my black Enfield, but sadly is a little too large for me. It fits like a true 44, with a 24" pit to pit. Competition weight leather, not yet broken in, in their rarely seen dark brown. The color is very rich. Brass hardware, two interior pockets. This...
  10. pawineguy

    Aero Russet Vincenza Sheene Size 42

    http://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/aero-sheene-russet-vincenza.79416/ I know people around here get worried if I haven't sold a jacket recently, so here goes... This is just a little bit too tight around the waist for me when I am near the top of my weight range. It's broken in but in...
  11. pawineguy

    Hope our friends at Thurston and all the Firefighters are OK

    Large gas explosion with 9 injured firefighters and two destroyed buildings right near Thurston Bros. I saw the story, and the address seemed familiar, sure enough Thurston is within a block of the explosion...
  12. pawineguy

    Outrageous B7 by Aero

    Not something that I could pull off but what a piece of art...
  13. pawineguy

    Thedi Padded Cafe Racer in Italian HH

    This is the second Thedi jacket I have purchased though Thurston, the first now lives with a new owner in Australia, and this one will be used almost exclusively for riding. The HH is similar, but slightly thicker and with more grain than my first one. (although that one did develop more...
  14. pawineguy


    I don't believe I've seen this before, a dark brown version of CXL HH? I would call this dark seal. It's from Aero's IG.
  15. pawineguy

    Real McCoy's NYC Store and Website temporarily closed??

    I meant to post this a week ago, anyone have any insight? Since February 1st. http://realmccoysnyc.com
  16. pawineguy

    Vintage vs Repro Buco Collar Snap Locations

    A few of us, led by the intrepid @Superfluous have been discussing the location of collar snaps on reproduction Buco jackets, specifically related to recent J-100s by Diamond Dave, one of which I own. Specifically, the recent J-100 jackets from Dave have the collar snap over the outside...
  17. pawineguy

    White / Ivory Leather Making a Comeback?

    What say you? Not for me but these examples really jumped out at me recently. I think with a little chain grease, bug smears and some road grime, these would really look amazing. First is DD J-100 in Ivory Shinki and then obviously two by Himel. (the navy striped Kensington is a personal...
  18. pawineguy

    Eastman (ELMC) Throws Their Hat in the J-100 Ring

    On IG, to be released next month. The pattern really reminds me of the DD J-100 (new pattern), which makes sense as I am sure Eastman is working from an original just as DD and JC did. Upper arms are pretty large and sleeves have a significant pre-curve. They also state it will be made from HH.
  19. pawineguy

    Post Your Worn-In Jackets, Let's See That Grain and Patina!

    To finally get this started, my Russet Sheene Vincenza which I had posted in a previous thread. It's only a year old, but I think we can use this thread to show how our jackets are evolving short term or display the patina on one that's had decades of service. We may start with some...
  20. pawineguy

    New to me Aero Bronco in Russet Jerky Horse

    This jacket is the product of an aborted swap of Aero jackets, when my Premier HWM didn't fit @Fanch. On my end, this fit beautifully, and I am very pleased with this jacket. I've never handled the Jerky HH, and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's midweight but not thin by any measure, but...