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    Any expert in vintage Singer sewing machines?

    The 201 was one of Singer's best machines. The ones with the potted (built in) motors are most common here in the US from what I've seen. The Singer 15 is another great machine. The 15-91 has a potted motor as well and tends to be more common than ones that had outside power sources. The...
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    Vintage toasters

    We're currently using one from the 20s or 30s that I rewired. When I got it the power cord was cut and it had a dead short inside the base. I managed to get it working. It's like Lizzie said. You plug it in, put your bread in and flip it to do the other side. Once it's warmed up it takes...
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    The Man Purse Aka. THE MURSE YES or NO ?

    I walk with a cane these days, I was on crutches for about a year before that. I put together a simple canvas messenger bag to carry my stuff in. Without some sort of shoulder bag I wouldn't have either hand free. I do prefer the cross body strap over hanging on the shoulder on the same side...
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    Sprezzatura vs trying too hard.

    100% showman but it looks to me like he's doing it well. Rodney
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    Sprezzatura vs trying too hard.

    Good. I'm not alone in thinking either the pants need to be taller or the waistcoat longer on the guy on the right. That gap is bothersome to me. Looks like he crammed himself into his shorter little brother's suit. Rodney
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    Sprezzatura vs trying too hard.

    I think the true key to looking effortless is that it actually IS effortless. If you're not used to dressing a certain way it's going to show no matter how hard you try. I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing driving gloves as part of a look. But then I live in a small town and don't get...
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    Recreating hard-sided luggage

    You found a great looking case. Around my area you only see them in antique stores. If you're lucky enough to even see one in a thrift store it will be at antique store prices or more. "It's old, It's worth a lot" is the rule around here. The flip side is just buying the materials to make a...
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    Golden Era Things You've Revived Or Repaired For Use

    Vintage stuff I use daily... I use an old Gillette DE razor. I converted from a cartridge style about a year ago and I'm not looking back. It's amazing that so many of us bought into the cartridge razors. You straight razor guys probably say the same about the DEs. :) Most of my woodworking...
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    There is some anti-hat propaganda going on...

    I don't think the guy has a clue about a proper fedora. Comparing the ones he shows in his pictures to a classic fedora is like comparing a beat up minivan to a Rolls Royce. They're both cars so they're both the same right? I can't say I've ever been a fan of ball caps. Rodney
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    Do you hide your modern conveniences ?

    We don't bother to hide the modern stuff. Our house was built in the 70s. We both love antiques so there's plenty of them in the house too. We have an electric stove from the 20s waiting for when we remodel the kitchen. Vitanola has some great ideas for a budget facelift. I used the vinyl...
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    Garden plans this year?

    Got the garden weeded and planted peas, lettuce and sunflowers last week. Lettuce is starting to come up already. Rodney
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    The Daily Carry - Leather, that is.

    I made mine from canvas. It's definitely masculine. No lady would be caught dead carrying the ugly thing. Your leather ones look much nicer. Rodney
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    Recreating hard-sided luggage

    I play with vintage sewing machines. Often the cases are in pretty poor shape. The closest material I've found is Tolex. It's the leather looking material used for instrument cases and has been around forever. Here's one supplier: http://www.mojotone.com/amp-parts/tolex-tweed-colors Their...
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    Garden plans this year?

    It's been a really wet spring for me this year. I haven't gardened for the last couple years so mostly it's going to be a bunch of weeding and cleaning up the garden bed once things dry out a bit. I'm hoping to at least get some peas planted and maybe put in some fresh strawberry starts. Rodney
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    Alright Pipe Smokers. It's the question that has destroyed countless friendships.

    It used to be matches. New matches are safe to the point of being fireproof. I swore never to waste my time and money on them again after the last box I bought. Now I just use a Bic and am thinking about getting a proper vintage pipe lighter. Why are torch lighters bad? Because it's too easy...
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    What cigar (or pipe) did you smoke today?

    The weather's been too poor for me to want to sit outside with my pipe. Here's my latest purchase though...
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    Northwest Hats, Eugene, Ore.

    Congrats to Mike for his new shop and best wishes for success! Great looking shop! I love that the customers can see some of the tools he uses to make them. Rodney
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    Gentlemen, show us what you've made!

    Very nice jacket! Rodney
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    Would anyone be interested in a sew-along?

    St. Louis great job on your dresses. I'm surprised no one else has commented. I love the vintage waffle irons and canned food too. I'm surprised there hasn't been more activity here. Rodney
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    Lost art of proper relaxation

    I took this another way when I saw the title. I thought it was going to be more like this: "In our fast paced society we no longer know how to stop and relax properly." not: "We no longer say dressed up (or dress up at all) and our posture stinks while relaxing at home compared to the old...