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  1. RILO

    Buzz Rickson William Gibson A-2 Size 42

    I'm Fat... Here is my BRWG A-2 for sale I got this from japan a few years back, I have worn it a few times, but realistically it will never fit me well. It's like new no teacore showing, some braking in is needed. The jacket has a Tabaco smell not cigarettes the hint is more like cigar or pipe...
  2. RILO

    Jacket's Trading Guidance?

    Hi All, I wonder whom may help us trade this jackets? https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/wts-wtt-schott-context-cxl-113-xl-44.101254/#post-2696892 Process, advice and or direction. Jacksonville, FL. to Cleveland, Oh. and vice versa. Thanks.