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  1. Blackadder

    From Lawman to Outlaw. What have McCoys done with this jacket?

    Many here have seen the Joe McCoy Mobster jacket. I am sure most if not all have made the connection between it and the CHP jacket. And since FW founder used to be in charge of JM, many deduce that the Muholland may have been a modified Mobster (IMO it is a Frankenstein of a few jackets like...
  2. Blackadder

    Vintage racing shirts/single rider

    A collection of three of the popular mass produced racing shirts. Buco J-100, Beck 666 and HD Sportster.
  3. Blackadder

    Peter's Tailor revived?

  4. Blackadder

    James Grose

  5. Blackadder

    Y'2 2019 collection

    http://realdeal-rd.jp/y2-19ss-eve.html The first two
  6. Blackadder

    30s style leather jackets- The Few Hurricane Badalassi and Levi's Japan HH

    Bought these two below this year. Been looking for one since seeing a fellow lounger wearing his Norshor leather jacket. I was looking for a brown one so passed on a few of the black ones over the time. Finally decided not to wait and got the black one at the beginning of this year ( cos very...
  7. Blackadder

    Freewheelers San Mateo

    Just received this Freewheelers San Mateo. Found this used one finally after searching and waiting for almost a year. A very tight fit because I have gone down one size to fit my shoulder and length. I have a round body with shoulder that is by Japanese standard a 36 but the chest of a 38...
  8. Blackadder

    Freewheelers/Bootleggers Twin Peaks

    This arrived yesterday.
  9. Blackadder

    Another Asian Repro Co

    Just found this one the internet. Seems not bad. Price is quite reasonable. http://hungoo.co.kr/goods/view.php?seq=19
  10. Blackadder

    The Few The Wild One 50s

    Basically another Buco J-24 copy from former Real McCoy's leather jacket partner. This one is wider than the Buco in the body and especially the sleeves. Normal tea-core leather unlike the overdye process used by Buco.
  11. Blackadder

    Budget A-1 jacket

    Just received this Bronson A-1 jacket. Bronson is one of the Chinese brands that does repros workwear and military clothings often copies of the Japanese brands. This A-1 according to the manufacturer is made of Goatskin. It is seal colour with olive knits. I paid around USD200 including...
  12. Blackadder

    RRL by Schott

    http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=11757743# The 1928 model/Beck inspired.
  13. Blackadder

    Rainbow Country Single Rider

    First day of wear since purchased a couple of months ago.
  14. Blackadder

    MASH Japan MA-1 repro

    Just took delivery of this repro MA-1 from MASH Japan which is a great little shop for getting NOS replacement parts for your military jackets. This is a brand new deadstock from a production or rather reproduction run some years ago by MASH. Came with NOS Coats and Clark Crown zipper. Jacket...
  15. Blackadder

    Rainbow Country Roughwear 23380 Maroon

    Just arrived.
  16. Blackadder

    Real McCoy's London

    Just as Blue in Green in New York's partnership with Real McCoy? Seems Superdenim is opening a Real McCoy's only boutique in London. https://www.facebook.com/thermcshop
  17. Blackadder

    New Buzz Rickson Tanker Brad Pitt Fury

    This is the new Buzz winter combat jacket. Same as the one worn by Brad Pitt in his upcoming movie Fury.
  18. Blackadder

    New Real McCoy's store in New York

    There is a New RM store in New York next to the Blue in Green. THE REAL McCOY'S NEW YORK 10 Greene St, New York, 10013 USA BTW, RM Japan has raised the prices of many items this Fall, including the Buco boots, N-1, B-10 etc. Prices of the leather jackets remain the same the coming Fall.
  19. Blackadder

    Real McCoy's Buco J-24

    This just arrived. An unused older edition of RM's Buco J-24. The new 2014 model with black coloured lining is even slimmer. The chest measurement of the new model size 40 is equal to this size 38 older model.
  20. Blackadder

    Real McCoy's, Buzz and original N-1

    The one on the left is RMC and the right on the right is Buzz RMC's outer shell is smoother and slightly finer than Buzz's RMC's lining is 100% alpaca and Buzz is a mixed Alpaca/wool/mohair. RMC's alpaca strand is longer and finer than Buzz's here the picture is reversed so the zipper on...