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  1. Robbie79

    NEW Thedi Leathers Wallet - thick dark brown vegtanned cowhide

    Hello fellow Loungers, Up for sale is a new Thedi Leathers Wallet made of thick dark brown vegetable tanned cowhide. Size is approx. 19cm x 10cm (7.5"x4"). 295€ shipped within EU, PayPal F+F, 315€ to most other countries (tracked shipment with DHL). Kind regards, Robbie
  2. Robbie79

    Les Motocyclettistes - high quality French / Japanese Shinki, sheepskin,etc. jackets

    Hello everyone, Actually, I've heard of the brand Les Motocyclettistes the first time a couple of years ago (never tried one on). End of last week when chatting with @Tusche (he already owns 4 Les Motocyclettistes horsehide jackets since a couple of years) he told me that the founder/owner...
  3. Robbie79

    FS: Almost new Lost Worlds Roadhouse 4oz brown Horsehide size 38, C&C zippers

    Hi fellow Loungers, As the sleeves of my Lost Worlds Roadhouse jacket are a tad too long, I'm selling it in almost new condition. Local leather tailors cannot alter the sleeves due to 4oz thickness. The C&C zipper is really nice and much better than LW's Talon zippers. It has a heavy cotton...
  4. Robbie79

    Flame Panda boots - new orders accepted and waiting time?

    Hi all, As I've sent several reminders to Peng back in October (by e-mail and Instagram) I wonder if he still accepts new orders? In case he still accepts new orders what's the current waiting time? I guess at least 12 months which is OK for me. Optionally I would order Monkey boots from...
  5. Robbie79

    FS: NEW the strike gold x stuf|f | sgxsfgo1 16.5oz super slub jeans size 32

    Hello, Up for sale is a brand new and unworn the strike gold x stuf|f | sgxsfgo1 16.5oz super slub jeans size 32. I haven't washed it but I removed the tags. The exact color is more like pic 2 below. I bought it from Stuff Store in Duesseldorf. List price is 299€. I'm selling it for 199€ plus...
  6. Robbie79

    FS: New Thedi dark brown Cowhide belt

    Hello, Up for sale is a new + unworn Thedi 5mm thick Cowhide TT Natural belt. Size 90. List price is 189€. You can have it for 110€ plus shipping from Germany. https://www.ubs-classics.de/Thedi-Leathers-Rindlederguertel-GT Cheers, Robbie
  7. Robbie79

    NEW Thedi Cowhide Belt TT Natural

    Hello, Up for sale is a new + unworn Thedi 5mm thick Cowhide TT Natural belt. Size 95. List price is 199€. You can have it for 110€ plus shipping from Germany. Cheers, Robbie
  8. Robbie79

    Clinch black overdyed horsebutt or Latigo Emgineer boots?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the main difference between Latigo and horsebutt Clinch offers? Obviously there is a price difference between both: 1750€ vs 2150€. Is the horsebutt thicker and is the overall quality better than Latigo leather (tanning technique, more rare hides, etc.??). As I‘m about...
  9. Robbie79

    WTB: Clinch Yeager or Engineer boots (both horsebutt) size US 8.5 or 9

    Hello fellow Loungers, I‘m searching for Clinch Yeager or Engineer boots (only horsebutt) in size 8.5 or 9. Location should preferably be in the EU - this search is probably more a dream than Reality as it might be difficult to find these boots in this size in the EU. Many thanks in advance...
  10. Robbie79

    FS: Alexander Leathers / Simmons Bilt Roadster Size 38 Goatskin

    Hello, Up for sale is my Alexander Leathers Roadster Size 38 made of goatskin. Jacket is in very good condition, no bad smell at all, just intoxicating smell of the deerskin. The jacket has about the same weight as an Aero Vicenza HH jacket. Measurements: Pit to Pit: approx. 54cm Sleeve...
  11. Robbie79

    FS: NEW/Unworn Freewheelers Centinela Rude Black HH size 40

    Hello, Here is it, my grail jacket! As I've never really had an opportunity to wear this beauty (I'm always grabbing other styles like HB or Cafe Racers), I decided to sell it in new and unworn condition as it deserves someone who actually wears it. I bought it directly in Japan at Genco...
  12. Robbie79

    FS The Real McCoys Roughwear B3 size 42

    Hello fellow Loungers, I've realized that Winter here in Germany is not cold enough as I haven't worn this beauty a single time last Winter after I received it from John Lever. Therefore the jacket is in the same condition when I received it. Here are all details which I took from John's...
  13. Robbie79

    FS: Vintage Taubers of California heavy Horsehide jacket

    Hello fellow Loungers, Due to fit issues in the chest area this beautiful and very heavy (as heavy as Aero's CX Steerhide) Vintage Taubers of California horsehide jacket is up for sale. Condition is very good for a 40's/50's leather jacket as you can see on pictures below - the small tear was...
  14. Robbie79

    Freewheelers Journeyman Jet Black Deerskin Size 40

    Hi Guys! Up for sale is my barely worn (maybe 10 times) Freewheelers Journeyman Jet Black Deerskin Size 40. Condition is approx. 9 of 10 - only 2-3 minor scuff marks (see pics) which are normal on buttery soft deerskin. Lining is very soft and also in condition 9 of 10 - color is dark black...
  15. Robbie79

    WTB: Freewheelers or Real Mccoy's (size 40) leather jacket located in the EU

    Hello guys, I'm searching for a Freewheelers or Real Mccoy's (size 40) leather jacket in new or used (at least very good condition) condition located in the EU to avoid VAT+duty. I'm not searching for a specific model but if it was a FW Mulholland I would be more than happy. So, please offer...
  16. Robbie79

    FS: NEW Viberg Service Boots Mocha Oil Tan 7 1/2D

    Hello, Up for sale are new, unworn Viberg Service Boots Mocha Oil Tan Viberg size 7 1/2D. Price: 450€ incl. shipping with EU (from Germany), other countries upon request. Please don't hesitate to contact me in case of any question. Cheers, Robbie
  17. Robbie79

    FS: NEW Rolling Dub Trio Japan Convict II Oil Black Horween CXL US7H

    Hello, Up for sale is one pair of brand new Rolling Dub Trio Japan Convict II Oil Black Horween CXL, size US 7H JP25.5. The are sold out everywhere. I imported them from Japan through Rakuten. Price: 450€ incl. shipping within the EU, other countries upon request. Shipping from Germany. Please...
  18. Robbie79

    FS: Aero Highwayman Cordovan CXFQHH - Like new

    Hello fellow loungers, It hurts to sell this two times worn (like new - see pics) Aero Highwayman Cordovan CXFQHH as the CXFQHH is a special batch and better than any CXFQHH I've owned from Aero. Sleeves are too short for me. Size is 34 but most of you know that you always need to size down at...
  19. Robbie79

    FS: Vintage Lesco Perfecto - 25€ plus shipping

    Hey everyone, Up for sale is a vintage Lesco Perfecto with original Talon zippers which do work smoothly. Lining shows no defects. On the backside (center) is a small hole. Apart from the small hole the overall condtion is really good as you can see on photos. I'm not sure what kind of leather...
  20. Robbie79

    Your advice on Iron Heart Denim Type III jackets would be appreciated

    Hey guys, After selling the Vanek and LW Easy Ryder I'm having enough space for new jackets. As I always wanted a high quality denim jacket I've been considering a Iron Heart Type III for a while. The IH-526J-22 22oz Selvedge Denim Type III Jacket - Indigo is available in my size however...