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    What do you want out of life?

    Good health to keep me going.
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    Blue Black dye?

    Yeah, just spread it evenly on your hair, wrap it up in a processing cap for about an hour or two? You will definitely have a blue tint to your hair, and if the wedding is out in the sun, even better!
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    Blue Black dye?

    Have you tried using an alternative dye to your hair? Like SFX or Manic Panic dye. You will have a subtle tint of blue, it won't last very long as it is a demi-permanent vegetable dye, but it's easy enough to re-dye every week or two. When I used to have red highlights I would just apply it...
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    The Middy Thread

    Aww I'm so sorry, I was speaking of Nina's. I only know of Covent Garden salons, it's where I have been going for last few years to get my hair done. Have you tried local salons? They should be able to emulate or even maintain an already made middy. Like others have mentioned, keep an eye on how...
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    Weight loss options

    It's a matter of getting used to a sweetener, I used to not like it at all, but it was the only thing I kept in the house and made myself get used to it. That was about 5 years ago? Now I think sugar tastes weird, heh.
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    What are you listening to?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q367UWKWUsA Que qué, que qué, que fue, que fue.... azuquita p'al café! Gran combo night at my house!
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    I used to really want a tattoo on my back, just can't justify the cost for something I don't know if I would want for the rest of my life.
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    Swing Dancing - great outlet for Fedora Lounge type

    For me it has to be Merengue and Salsa dancing! The music is great, what I love about it is that the style is unchanged so you can enjoy new songs. Plus, I grew up with the music, my family owns so many records/discs of it I've always enjoyed listening to it at home. I would love to learn...
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    Vintage fans

    That is fantastic! Looks like something that came straight out of an old detective film. Thank you for sharing this.
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    The Middy Thread

    Thank you so much for this thread! Had no idea there was a place near Marylebone, I shall be checking it out. For now, I'm going to ask a friend to do my middy, she can explain to me how I can explain it to a hair dresser. It's funny about the razor, because it's does just the trick for my...
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    Natural Products

    Witch hazel has been one of my favourites since I was a teenager. Making soap and shaving soaps is great too! Mine are made with goats milk from a local farm, they cure to this gorgeous creamy colour. I'd like to expand it to other products when I get around to the research.
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    WWII Quizz - Prize for the winner!

    Never would have thought! It's always the last place you would think of.
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    New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

    Hello, they call me Mimi. I live in the UK. My main interests involve reproductions of '20s - '50s women's fashions, especially that of couture design. As well as the magic art of the coiffure. I was a lurker a couple of years ago, and decided to finally join.
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    WWII Quizz - Prize for the winner!