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  1. DJH

    Hat With History - Bonaparte's Hat For Sale

    Napoleon Bonaparte's hat is up for auction. Hmm, seems it is expected to sell for over $600,000. Would be pretty cool though!
  2. DJH

    What Hatco Needs - 3D Felting Printer

    This is just what Matt Deckard needs to introduce at Hatco - imagine; furry creatures going in, felt hats coming out. Just dial in the dimensions and the block # and your 3D printer will do the rest :) http://3dprint.com/2861/3d-felting-printer/ More seriously, it is very interesting just...
  3. DJH

    Eric (Short Balding Guy)

    I hadn't seen Eric on the forum for a while so I sent him message wishing him a happy July 4 and to check he was OK. As it turned out, he has been going through a tough time. Eric and his wife were involved in a car accident (one of those bloody drunk drivers) back at the beginning of June...
  4. DJH

    OK, so it's official - caps are cool!

    Thanks, Beckham! Do me a favor though, please don't start wearing fedoras. I don't think I could handle that!
  5. DJH

    Exhibition of Lowry's Work at Tate Britain

    The Golden Era as it really was for a lot of people http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2013/jan/15/tate-britain-exhibition-homage-lowry
  6. DJH

    Happy Birthday David!!

    My hat in the office today - not quite my usual style.
  7. DJH

    Farmers Restore a Lancaster.

    What a cool story: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-two/9782389/Lancaster-bomber-to-fly-as-tribute-to-a-lost-brother.html
  8. DJH

    FS - Stetson Stratoliner Size 7

    OK Guys, my New Year Sales continues. This is a super Stratoliner made of soft green/grey felt - a little darker than my photos, I think. Marked size 7 and fitting my 22 3/8 head nicely, the felt and the interior of the hat are just about perfect. The Stetson logos are the older version...
  9. DJH

    Sold - Borsalino Alessandria Size 7 - Sold

    This is a nice Borsalino that is in decent, but not perfect condition. It is an Alessandria model in a light tan (a previous owner has written his name over the label with the colour) like a Silverbelly. There are several moth divots in the felt - none deep enough to go all the way through...
  10. DJH

    Sold - Royal Stetson Whippet Size 7 - Sold

    Here's a great chance to get a sought after hat model at a decent price. This Whippet is from the early 1950's (it has to OPS Tag) and is in a light to mid grey with matching brim binding and ribbon. When I got the hat, I think I was the first to crease it and it is in fantastic condition...
  11. DJH

    On eBay: Tony Nowak Indy Jacket

    I've not had much luck with leather jackets this year - first I was robbed in the Aero fiasco and I also find myself with a really nice Tony Nowak jacket that is just a little too small. So the Nowak is up for sale on the Bay - if you like Indy jackets and it fits you, it might be the...
  12. DJH

    FA: Burberry Trench Coat

    Euro size 52 = about 42 USA. Really nice condition but a little large for me. Check it out here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261117636602?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  13. DJH

    FS: Knox 20 Size 7

    This is a fantastic Knox 20 in a cool grey felt. Everything about it is very classy, 5 1/2 inch crown, nice and straight, and generous 2 7/8 bound brim. The black ribbon has a shark gill style pleated bow design. The wind trolly button is that version with the cute little Knox logo. Very nice...
  14. DJH

    FS: Borsalino Size 7

    This is a very nice warm grey Borsalino fedora in very good condition. The open crown crown height is about 5 1/4 inches with a 2 3/8 Cavanagh Edge brim. The black ribbon is 2 inches wide. Inside and out, the hat is in good clean condition - the only blemish I see is a small mark (maybe a...
  15. DJH

    FS: Resistol BR Beaver 35 - 71/8 + ELO

    I think I bought this Resistol western hat a year or so ago. It looks great hanging on my wall, but it really should be passed along to someone that will enjoy wearing it. The size is 7 1/8 Extra Long Oval. I'm on the small size of 7 1/8 and the hat is too big for me all around - it drops...
  16. DJH

    New Lee 101 Selvedge Denim Jeans 38x34

    I bought these jeans a while ago and they are too large for me. I had assumed they would shrink to fit, but this wasn't the case. They are brand new and have never been worn, just washed a couple of times. They were obviously previously washed and distressed in the factory. I paid over $100...
  17. DJH

    On Alan Turing's 100th Birthday....

    ... what was his greatest contribution? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-18538419
  18. DJH

    Worth & Worth Panama

    Looks like a decent hat at a pretty good price, on Etsy. Size 7 5/8. http://etsy.me/KaUBzy
  19. DJH

    SOLD (if that's the right word!)Repro pin for Stratoliner

    I have vintage pins for both my Stratoliners now, so I thought I pass this one along to someone that has the hat, but is pinless. It is the repro version of the TWA DC3 that Stetson provided on the Stratoliner hat, back in the day. A pretty good repro as well, other than the TWA on the wings...
  20. DJH

    FS - Beautiful Stetson 100 with Case

    As much as I love my Stetson 100, it isn't a hat I think I'll wear a lot so I'm offering it for sale. It was made in the late 60's - early 70's period and is in fantastic condition - pretty much as good as new. The felt has no defects and no insect damage that I can see. Same with the inside...