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  1. J Williams

    FT: Stetson 7X Clear Beaver Open Road 7 3/8 LO

    I have decided to put up for trade a coveted 7X CB OR size 7 3/8 Long Oval This is a 1960's hat that looks like it came off the shelf at Washer Bro's yesterday. The brim is stiff and sturdy and the crown has the clay like malleability that 7X felt is known for. Can dry crease any shape easily...
  2. J Williams

    FS / FT: 60's / 70's Stetson No. 1 Quality - 7 1/8

    Selling or trading a nice No. 1 Quality western. If only it was older! I believe it to be late 60's early 70's Brim at 3 1/2 with the curl - Open crown at 6 The felt is jet black has a nice hand and is in near perfect condition. Although being a newer hat it's on the thicker side. No issues...
  3. J Williams

    FS: Borsalino Stingy Brim in Bismuto - 7 1/4 - Unknown age

    This hat came along with another I purchased. I know very little about Borsa's. The colour came out strange in the crown photos - the shot under the brim is much more accurate. Brim at 1 7/8" - Open crown at 5 1/2" - Ribbon at 2" It reads 'Rapallo' and 'Baskin' on the sweatband The felt is in...
  4. J Williams

    FS / FT: 1950's Stetson 3X Beaver Open Road - 7 3/8 LO

    Selling or trading a near mint 3X Open Road I believe it to be mid 1950's - Stars in the sweat, maple leaf on the liner, plastic liner tip. It has the original wind trolley and is on the darker side for silverbelly. Brim at 2 3/4 - Open crown at 5 1/2 The felt has a nice hand and is in near...
  5. J Williams

    WTB: Vintage western hat in 7 1/8

    My kid sister is looking for a hat and I'm trying to keep her from buying a wool job. Would be awesome to find her an old Last drop 3X or a nutria quality - Something with an unbound brim around 3" This was the inspiration photo she sent me, but she would be happy with a silverbelly as well.
  6. J Williams

    FS: 7 3/8 'The Stetson Special' Homburg 1940's?

    I did a little bit of research on this one and I'm pretty sure it's from the 40's but feel free to correct me! It fits a little snug on me so I feel it could work for either a 7 3/8 or 7 1/4 head ( I'm a 7 3/8 Long Oval ) Nice rich brown homburg with some cosmetic issues - It was my first...
  7. J Williams

    FS: 7 3/8 Resistol Beaver One Hundred OR Clone - 60's / 70's

    Another hat to be moved along What I believe to be a late 60's early 70's Resistol OR clone 'Beaver One Hundred' 5 1/2 open crown 2 3/4 bound brim - The colour is a light silverbelly that seems to lean towards a greenish hue ( could be my eyes ) But it's definitely different from my 60's 7XCB...
  8. J Williams

    FS: Stetson Nutria Quality Western 1950's Size 7

    I rescued a nice size 7 1950's nutria quality a few months back and am just getting around to posting it. Nice rich brown with a 3 cord ribbon - 5 1/2+ open crown and a 3 1/2 brim The felt has absolutely no issues I can see and is very clean Sweatband needs a bit of conditioner but had no...
  9. J Williams

    FS: Dobbs West Rancher - 7 1/4

    I Bought this hat to re-shape and mess around with but it’s no longer happening. The hand and felt quality are decent for its vintage but It has some mothing. $40.00 + Shipping
  10. J Williams

    FS: Adam Executive Quality 40’s / 50’s size 7 1/8

    I’m selling this interesting Adam Executive hat. It’s a creamy white thin ribbon. The felt has a nice hand and is quite thin but needs steam to hold a crease. I believe the hat to be 40’s or 50’s The brim measures at a generous 3 1/2” with a 6” open crown The ribbon and brim binding have a...
  11. J Williams

    FS: 1950’s Stetson 3X Open Road 7 1/4

    Selling a 1950’s 3X Open Road. The hat is in very nice condition - no moth nips or damage just a few minor imperfections. The felt on this one is very thin and dry creases beautifully. The brim is just stiff enough to hold its shape. Really great felt. Photos shown are dry creased Open to...
  12. J Williams

    WTB: Borsalino wider brim fedora of a nice vintage size 59 - 60

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in a nice vintage Borsalino with a brim between 2.5 - 3.5" I wear a 7 3/8 Long oval in vintage stetson hats but from the reading I've done I should go up a size with a Borsalino. Hoping for something in a darker grey or mid - dark brown but I'm open to seeing what...
  13. J Williams

    FS: Vintage Akubra Snowy River size 60

    Picked this up at auction and it’s not for me. Has the original box and appears to be unworn. Size 60 $50.00 + shipping - OBO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. J Williams

    WTB: Pre 1940’s Stetson Boss Raw Edge 7 3/8 - 7 1/2

    I know it may seem laughable but I’m a firm believer in the idea that putting things out in the world never hurts and often helps. I’m just going to let this sit here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. J Williams

    FS: Stetson 'The Sovereign' Early 50's 7 1/4

    Selling or trading my early 50's Stetson ‘The Sovereign’ it has no open road designation but similar shape and styling. The crown is around 4 1/2” high and the brim measures around 2 1/2 - 2 5/8” I do have what I believe to be the original box. From what I have learned it’s definitely early...