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  1. Lenore

    Vintage Social Networking

    This was posted on my Facebook this evening. I felt I had to share it. :)
  2. Lenore

    Starting over with a new body style....

    Goood morning, ladies, I've been away for a while, but missed you all so much I had to come back. :-) I've realized this morning that I am in a heck of a rut. My job is in a warehouse envoirnment so the standard is jeans and tennis shoes on a daily basis. While that might be fantastic...
  3. Lenore

    Help me decide: Red or Purple Hair?

    I'm getting bored, so I decided to take a tally. Shall I go Red (Dark Intense Red) or Purple (Dark Purple)? I welcome all feedback. :)
  4. Lenore

    The Best Excuse for a New Wardrobe

    I got a new job!!!!!! Big jump for me from being the Receptionist/Admin for one company that isn't really doing very big business and I just mainly have to look pretty to being the office manager and liaison for a new company that really brings in the lettuce. :D With new job, I'll need a...
  5. Lenore

    Lounger's Kids starting early

    Any of your kids starting a "vintage-inspired lifestyle" early? Show off those Future Loungers. :) The Monkey...imitating June Clever. Note the Princess Ariel heels and sing with me vacuum. The pearls were taken away from her last week as she tried to gnaw on them (teething), and I haven't...
  6. Lenore

    Best Dressed Muppet

    While spending most of my day on YouTube yesterday watching random videos with my toddler, I came across a fantastic Sesame Street video. Check out Bert's lid and shoes. ;)
  7. Lenore

    Harley Davidson's "American Bombshell"

    Harley's "Military Appreciation Month" Features Hot Babe, Bikes Tuesday November 3, 2009 Marisa Miller on a Harley Sex sells everything from racing leathers to engine gaskets, but Harley-Davidson's new "American Bombshell" ads-- featuring a retro-riffic Marisa Miller-- draws attention to...
  8. Lenore

    Meeting other Vintage Enthusiasts

    I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning, which didn't start out as the highlight of my day, for obvious reasons. Doctor's appointments suck. Regardless of my feelings, like a lot of women (you know who you are!) I dressed my best. I didn't think anything of it, until I passed the...
  9. Lenore

    Traveling.. in Vintage Style

    Well ladies, it has finally happened... My husband is going to take me on our 4 year over due honeymoon!:D August 29th, you will find me winging it to Dublin. I'm excited though this is sort of a problem with my wardrobe! The weather is obviously very different from Houston. Wet where we...
  10. Lenore

    Golden Era Adverts

    These were sent to me by my mother this morning and I thought I'd share. Definately check out the Lysol Ad and the Golden Era Diet Suggestion. *shudders* Note to Bartenders: I did search to see if these had been posted previously, but could not find them. If they...
  11. Lenore

    The Andrews Brothers

    This musical opened this week here in Houston and I was wondering if anyone on the boards has managed to see it. For those who haven't heard about it, here is the story: "Act one opens at an afternoon rehearsal for a USO show in the South Pacific. Max, Lawrence and Patrick Andrews are...
  12. Lenore

    Invaded! The War of The Worlds

    Something has crashed in a field in New Jersey...smooth, metal, and cylindrical in shape. About 30 yards in diameter... We go now to Carl Phillips, at the Wilmuth farm, Grovers Mill, New Jersey. "Ladies and gentlemen (Am I on?). Ladies and gentlemen, here I am, back of a stone wall that...
  13. Lenore

    Silly Facebook Quiz

    I admit, when I'm bored I take about a hundred of these things to pass the time. A dear friend sent me the link to What Decade Fits You Best? I believe she thought she was being funny. :rolleyes: So I took it twice because I wavered on an answer or two and these are my results. 1930's You...