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  1. VintageEveryday

    For Sale; 1900s Borsalino s. 7

    For sale: early 20th century Borsalino. US size 7 (despite the label pointing to a European size 7 which is a 7 1/8 I think, it measured at a US 7). Asking $65+ shipping.
  2. VintageEveryday

    For Sale: 1900s Knox Twenty 6 3/4-6 7/8

    Selling a beautiful Knox 20 velour, size 6 7/8. Clear beaver. Some moth damage . Asking $50 plus shipping
  3. VintageEveryday

    Wtb: 1920s Fedora, 7 3 8- 7 5 8

    Still looking for an early Fedora in those sizes. Message me please.
  4. VintageEveryday

    1920s vs 1950s

    How close would you say late 1950s cuts are to 1920s?
  5. VintageEveryday

    Wtb: 1900s-1920s ties

    Looking for any early 20th century neckties in wearable condition
  6. VintageEveryday

    Wtb: 1900s-1920s ties

    Looking for 1900s-1920s ties in good condition, especially pre tied ties that clip onto a detachable collar stud
  7. VintageEveryday

    Wtb: 1920s Fedora, 7 3 8- 7 5 8

    Looking for a 1920s fedora, 7 3/8-5/8. Don't care about condition so long as it's restorable, if it has damage.
  8. VintageEveryday

    Help Identifying a necktie logo

    Probably a '30s brocade, but I'm not sure entirely. Unusually stiff brocade but an absolutely gorgeous color in person.....red green and blue iridescent. Looks like a crowned E
  9. VintageEveryday

    wtb: Pale Grey Fedora, 7 1/2

    Looking for a tall crowned, wide brimmed fedora in a pale grey to replace an old beater of mine. The color of this one is a soft watery silver grey instead of that red-ish taupe grey you often see in vintage hats. Any leads? It can be a beater as well, so long as it doesn't have any major moth...
  10. VintageEveryday

    WTB: Project/Beater Hat, 1920s

    Looking for a project/beater hat for restoration dating from, or possibly in the style of the 1920s in a size 7 1/4- 7 5/8 .
  11. VintageEveryday

    WTB: Button Boots

    Looking for 1910s-20s style button boots. I'll accept zipper sides with faux buttons if the uppers are properly curved (not cone shaped like Stacy Adams). I can't begin to hope to find a pair of ones that button for a $130 or less (trying to do less) budget, but it's worth a try. Size 10.5-11 D .
  12. VintageEveryday

    Button boots

    Looking for good button boots. Unfortunately I only seem to find ones from England that cost a fortune, Stacy Adams, ones that are "handmade in Pakistan", or have a zipper up the back. Anybody know where I can get a good pair that won't set me back? I'm almost afraid to find out answers ..
  13. VintageEveryday

    Piccione Hats, Norwalk Connecticut

    Anybody ever hear of em? I have a hat (30s-50s?) Made by them and can't find a sainted thing out about that company. I know it's one of 18 companies in that town, though. Any info, and guesses as to the age would be appreciated.
  14. VintageEveryday

    WTB: Shabby 7 1/2 fedora

    Curious to see if anybody has a trashed but wearable (no holes or stains ok with some moth holes) 30s or 40s fedora in need of a restoration for sale. Let me know. I'm looking to refurbish it myself but I don't want one that's in TOO bad a condition.
  15. VintageEveryday

    WTB: 1940s shoes

    Looking for a pair of brown 1940s wing tips or cap toe, brogued, size 10.5 or 11. Budget of $150 maximum. They can be in "poor condition" so long as they don't look destroyed, and won't fall apart or split when I wear them.
  16. VintageEveryday

    Flat Caps?

    Looking for an off the rack hat in this style. Trying to avoid bespoke. Anybody know of any retailers?
  17. VintageEveryday

    Champ hats

    Looking for any information on dating linings in Champ fedoras?
  18. VintageEveryday

    Spade sole shoes

    As I understand , some companies like J and M, Footjoy etc made Spade sole shoes up till the early 80s. Anybody know any more info about them (like where to get a pair?)? Online searches only bring me back to people saying that they exist, yet I've never seen an example of one.
  19. VintageEveryday

    Seeking: fedoras, 7 1/2

    Posting someplace else besides the classifieds. I'm looking for a 7 1/2 1940s fedora or a modern one (secondhand, like the Akubra Federation iv or the Stetson Stetsonian). Nobody seems to have any for sale now that I actually have money to buy one. Looking for a tall straight crown, wide brim...
  20. VintageEveryday

    Wanted: Fedora 7 1/2

    Looking for any tall, straight crowned fedora (4.5-5 inch crown when dented) 2.5-3 inch brim hat, budget of $130. Can be modern, can be poor quality but wearable vintage (so long as it's 1940s or earlier). A good example of what I'm looking for would be the Stetson Stetsonian or the Akubra...