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  1. minisoda

    Bomber in San Fran

    In San Fran for a couple of days and need a simple, quality lightweight (not leather) bomber jacket to wear with jeans/t-shirt. Any recommendations on a downtown retailer that would have some good options?
  2. minisoda

    Frye boots size 10.5 custom gum sole great condition $125

    Just listed on eBay but would prefer to sell them to a member here. Size 10.5 with a very unique thick heel gum sole. I've had them for 6-7 years and only worn a couple times... need a good home! Please let me know if it's not allowed to link to the auction... easier to show the photos from...
  3. minisoda

    Indian motorcycle leather jacket with armor and removable liner LARGE

    Price: $200 Size: Large Condition: Like New / smells brand new like a baseball glove!
  4. minisoda

    Like new Aero Teamster in battered seal CXL FQHH wool lined sz 40

    Carrie at Thurston Brothers guided me through the process of custom ordering this gorgeous jacket in late 2017. The quality, craftsmanship and everything about this jacket is amazing. It's in like new condition with no smells, scuffs, tears, rips, etc... I've had it for three years but have...
  5. minisoda

    Aero Teamster sz 40 CXL FQHH in battered seal wool lined - like new!

    Carrie at Thurston Brothers guided me through the process of custom ordering this gorgeous jacket in late 2017. The quality, craftsmanship and everything about this jacket is amazing. It's in like new condition with no smells, scuffs, tears, rips, etc... I've had it for three years but have...
  6. minisoda

    WTB: Vanson type A size 40

    Will also consider other cafe style jackets (Aero, Johnson, Schott, etc)... Primary use will be motorcycle, so would really like a jacket with armor or the ability to add armor. I’d like to go black on this one... distressed if possible!
  7. minisoda

    Cafe jacket with pockets for armor

    I've owned an Aero, Alexander Leather and Johnson Leather jackets. Currently in the market for a FUNCTIONAL motorcycle jacket and having a hard time buying anything I see in the Moto shops. Here's what I'm looking for: 1. Good solid thick hide (brown, distressed, etc) 2. Ability to insert...
  8. minisoda

    Shrink a Teamster?

    Have a beautiful Teamster that I received late last winter (not much time to wear before the weather warmed up). The leather is gorgeous but the fit and shoulders specifically are just a little too big/boxy for me. I'm thinking about doing an accelerated break in with water... any chance...
  9. minisoda

    Aero Teamster in Battered Seal

    Thanks to the outstanding service by Carrie at Thurston, just received my new CXL Teamster in battered seal. The leather and finish is exactly what I was hoping for. After selling an AL Roadster that was too short, I'm thrilled with the length of this jacket. This is a cold weather jacket, so...
  10. minisoda

    Need boot ideas

    With winter setting in, I need a good pair of boots that can handle the elements but work with business casual dress at work. I typically wear nice dark jeans and a dress shirt. Love my iron rangers but they have a very slippery sole and just aren’t quite dressy enough. Would love to find a...
  11. minisoda

    Designing first Aero

    After several years and buying an AL Roadster that didn't fit me well, I've started the process of ordering an Aero. I'm sure there will be several questions along the way, and would love your feedback! I love the Highwayman look, but learned with the Roadster that I definitely want something...
  12. minisoda

    Forum name change possible?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change username on the forum without creating a new account? I've looked through the settings and can't find anything! Thanks!
  13. minisoda

    Alexander Leather Roadster in seal jerky horsehide size 40/42 like new

    After a long internal debate, I have decided to sell my Alexander Leather Roadster. It’s in like new condition and has hardly been worn. I absolutely LOVE this jacket, but need something about 1.5” longer. Aero or AL trades considered! Plainsman anyone??? The jacket was ordered from AL...
  14. minisoda

    Quick help! OTR leather jacket in San Francisco

    I'm not thrilled with the length of my Alexander Leather Roadster (too short). I have a few hours this afternoon in San Francisco and possibly tomorrow morning. Are there any retailers that well off the shelf Aero or other solid leather jackets? Thanks!
  15. minisoda

    Help ordering longer jacket

    I absolutely love my Alexander Roadster, but there are times it's just too tight/short. It looks clean but I want to add a more comfortable jacket for daily wear. I'm thinking about a Wested Raiders jacket... Not sure what hide yet. Anyway the back length on my Roadster is 24.5" from top...
  16. minisoda

    Saddleback treat!

    Had a great year at work and treated myself to a new Saddleback bag and laptop sleeve. Can't wait to get them! Briefcase in dark coffee and laptop sleeve in tobacco... http://www.saddlebackleather.com/frontpocketbriefcase...
  17. minisoda

    WTB: High quality leather briefcase

    My Wilsons Leather briefcase has done a few years of good service, but it's time for a long term upgrade. I love the Saddleback and Duluth Trading stuff. Looking for a brown/dark brown/coffee color and have no problem if the bag has some wear and tear. Here's an example of the style I...
  18. minisoda

    Help selecting next leather jacket

    It's been just under a year since I picked up an Alexander Roadster in seal jerky HH. Absolutely love the color, smell, style and everything about this jacket. My only complaint is that I wish it was a bit longer. For my next jacket, I want something with a more relaxed fit and casual...
  19. minisoda

    New Alexander Leather Roadster

    My new roadster arrived today. It only took five business days from ordering... impressive. Here are my observations, pictures and a couple questions on fit: Alexander Leather Roadster Seal Jerky Horsehide size 42 Observations: - The color and finish are exactly what I was hoping for...
  20. minisoda

    Parcelforce shipping question

    My Alexander Leathers Roadster shipped from Scotland on Monday via Parcelforce. I tracked it throughout the week, but last night started showing a status of "held" with description "Address problem - requires sender's instruction". Does anyone know if signature is required for delivery? We...