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  1. Michaelshane

    Alden Indy boots size 9

  2. Michaelshane

    What hat have you owned the longest?

    I have had this white hat since 1967...,
  3. Michaelshane

    New Stetson

    Open Range: 150 Years of Stetson The iconic hatmaker celebrates a big anniversary with a special collection. BY COWBOYS & INDIANS This year marks the 150th anniversary of Stetson, and the legendary hat company is appropriately celebrating in style. In a nod to the original hatmaker...
  4. Michaelshane

    Powder horn

    Scrimshaw and carved with carved fossil ivory stopper. $900.00
  5. Michaelshane

    Schick injector razor

    NOS $80.00 shipped.
  6. Michaelshane

    Gillette red dot

    Fatboy prototype D-1 If you don't know what this is,you won't understand the price. $350.00
  7. Michaelshane

    Whippet 7 1/4

    Flawless grey whippet 7 1/4 long oval...$450.00
  8. Michaelshane

    Backyard chickens

    Anybody have chickens?
  9. Michaelshane

    Vintage Pike Coticule

    Keep your straight razor sharp as a razor....7"x1-5/8" Natural combination,Yellow on one side,Belgian Blue on the other. $150.00 (SOLD)
  10. Michaelshane

    Straight Razor

    Sheffield,S.Poole & co. 5/8 blade.Great shaver.$75.00 shipped.
  11. Michaelshane

    Stetson 100 7 3/8

  12. Michaelshane

    Stetson 20 7 1/8

    Stetson twenty,mode edge,sage green. No mothing,nice soft sweatband.$125.00
  13. Michaelshane

    FS/ Florsheim V-cleats size 8 D

    These are the ones everybody wants....Too small for me. 115.00 shipped
  14. Michaelshane

    WTT Austrailian hat size 58

    Trade for a hat size 7-1/4,or vintage ties or make me a trade offer.This hat has a lot of moth tracks,none of them go through. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  15. Michaelshane

    Hats & boots

    These are the kind of hat shops in my neck of the woods.
  16. Michaelshane

    For sale or trade 73/8 Homberg

    Knox superfine.$75.00 or trade for something 71/4. It's a kind of mouse gray-brown. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  17. Michaelshane

    For trade Stetson 100

    This is a 7-1/8,I need something in a 7-1/4.Show me something nice,this is a wonderful hat. [/IMG]
  18. Michaelshane

    Trade Whippet 71/4

    I want to trade this long oval 7 1/4 for a regular 7 1/4 Whippet,any color.It just fits a little loose. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  19. Michaelshane

    Stetson sovereign 7-1/4

    Stetson sovereign twenty,mode edge,brown with copper ribbon.$85.00 [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]