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    Any Persol fans? (also general sunglasses chat)

    It's about time I acted like an adult and got myself some proper sunglasses. I find myself drawn to Persol, even though I have never worn anything like them (generally I've only bought mid-range Polaroid or similar). I don't have access to their stuff locally, so I can see a bit of (potentially...
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    The ribbon on Dracula's suit...?!

    Hey everyone, bit of a teaser for you, but I can't think where else to ask! I haven't even had any luck in an image search so you'll have to work with me here (hopefully I'm not going insane and imagining this)... :) Picture Dracula in his sharpest suit. In my mind I see a little flash of...
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    Practical (modern) UNLINED lightweight jacket??

    Hi guys, I know this is a bit outside the scope of this forum but if anyone knows clothing it's TFL members! Just to be clear this isn't about looking dapper, this is about general day-to-day getting around in my rural area so practicality is the key. I rarely wear a jacket outside of deep...
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    How NOT to look like Indiana Jones?!

    For the last 15 years or so I've generally sported a brown Cattleman when I go out, it seems to go with everything I wear and has about the right mix of country and class. Last year though I finally found the brown leather jacket I've always wanted, and I'm not sure I can really wear them...