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  1. Mike in Seattle

    FS - Olney boater - size

    I have an Olney boater in mint condition for sale. $50/OBO plus delivery. An aunt bought it for me on vacation in England year before last and somehow, I ended up with too large a hat. It's listed as 7-5/8 / 62 cm. Pix below. Please PM if you have any questions...
  2. Mike in Seattle

    FDR Fedora

    Someone here at the Lounge at one time or another asked about FDR's Fedora - here's something I just came across researching another topic: According to the March 31, 1941, issue of "Time" magazine, Edward G. Robinson and Melvyn Douglas bid $3,200 for the Fedora hat that Franklin Delano...
  3. Mike in Seattle

    Thin Man on TCM New Year's Eve 2009

    Beginning at 8 pm eastern, 5 pm Pacific on New Year's Eve, TCM will be showing all of the Thin Man movies in sequence, concluding at 6:45 am eastern, 3:45 Pacific on New Year's Day. Could there be a better way to ring out 2009 and ring in 2010?
  4. Mike in Seattle

    Smoke Damage Fix?

    A friend of ours had a fire in his apartment day before yesterday. A newly installed ventilation fan shorted out. Luckily, the landlord (grandmother of another friend of ours) was home, but it looks like the entire structure's going to be a write-off. He's most upset because a 40s suit that...
  5. Mike in Seattle

    Interesting ties...

    Just happened across some interesting ties at Needless-Markup...albeit outside of most budgets ($150 and up), but interesting patterns nonetheless. Bowlers hat, spectator shoes, sock monkeys (Oh, Hem, are you listening? ;) ), straight razors...
  6. Mike in Seattle

    LEGO meets Frank Lloyd Wright

    I was just looking up something else an architect friend mentioned, and happened across this site.
  7. Mike in Seattle

    Hearst-Davis Beach House opens to public

    After being a variety of things over the years since Marion Davies died, they've opened the Hearst-Davies beach house in Santa Monica to the public.
  8. Mike in Seattle

    Eartha Kitt died on Christmas

    I just saw this while killing some time before heading out to Christmas dinner at friends' - Eartha Kitt, sultry Santa Baby singer, dies.
  9. Mike in Seattle

    Hollywood Canteen...

    So I was sitting here watching the classic movie Hollywood Canteen and I was wondering when it opened, when it closed and what happened to it - the usual info. With the computer in my lap, so I brought up Google to see what I could find out.... OK...before I continue...you made need a...
  10. Mike in Seattle

    Ebay scammer or am I overly cautious?

    I bid on and won an auction on the 10th. I immediately processed the payment via PayPal. On the 11th, I got a note from the seller that he's out of town traveling until the 21st or 22nd and will ship the item on probably the 23rd or 24th, when he's back home and has time to deal with things that...
  11. Mike in Seattle

    Murder She Wrote - The Grand Old Lady

    If you hurry...you have about 30 minutes (it's 8:30 pm in Seattle on Friday, 9/12) to flip on the Hallmark Channel to catch the episode of Murder, She Wrote called The Grand Old Lady. Why's this a big deal? 1. Originally written as an episode for Ellery Queen that never got produced filmed...
  12. Mike in Seattle

    LA Quake - 7/29 11:42 5.8 magnitude

    I hope all of you Loungers down there are OK and didn't lose anything in this latest shaker. Friends are IM'ing it had a lot more violent shaking than a "normal" 5.8 and lasted longer (10 seconds before it eased off). I'm watching KNBC on the net and no fires or buildings collapsing. They're...
  13. Mike in Seattle

    Classic Car Auction in LA

    http://apnews.myway.com//article/20080628/D91J067G0.html and apparently classic radios went on Friday.
  14. Mike in Seattle

    Bashing other's Bashes ???

    Sometimes a good answer to "Indiana Jones!" is "Well, no, actually, his hat was a...." and just go on & on & on with every little bit of minutiae and tiniest of detail - bore them to death with the topic. Three (will be four) different movies with different hats in each, compared to yours, and...
  15. Mike in Seattle

    Peter Grimm's advice on hat cleaning

    Yeah...well...a hat manufacturer who says hats can't be cleaned and you should buy a new one. Really? I wonder why? Could it be...perhaps...he's making more money selling you a new hat? [huh] Could it be...perhaps...that's affecting his "opinion" a bit?
  16. Mike in Seattle

    2/10/08 - Roy Scheider dead at 75

    Wow - that was a shock - Roy Sheider of Jaws fame (just to mention one) has died. Here's a link.
  17. Mike in Seattle

    Golden Era Actor Tie to Christmas Trivia

    We were talking over breakfast earlier today about movies and plays, and how I was planning to sit back, relax and watch The Man Who Came to Dinner sometime today. So after a couple hours of household chores, laundry & cleaning, I pop in the DVD and think "Let's do this like seeing a movie back...
  18. Mike in Seattle

    Hat cake

    Perhaps slightly :offtopic: and perhaps a slight spoiler, but I've got a little flu bug and taking a "goof off day." I'm laying here watching Clean Slate with Dana Carvey because I dozed through the last quarter of another movie. But at about 13 minutes in, the cops have taken Pogue to a...
  19. Mike in Seattle

    R.I.P. Charles Lane

    Character actor Charles Lane passes at 102. And now I'm kicking myself. I'd written Robert Osborne just a couple of weeks ago saying this is someone he should do an interview on TCM with, and I had just gathered up all my DVD covers with movies he appeared in (and it's a huge stack!) to send...
  20. Mike in Seattle

    Hindenburg 70th Anniversary 05/06/07

    Here's a link to a story about survivors reminiscing about the Hindenburg disaster 70 years ago. Here's another to the Lakehurst Historical Society as well.