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  1. born113

    Material quality comparison - oz/yd2 vs kg/m3 - weight & density

    I have to make a reservation, as always. I don't want to offend anyone. I just don't understand one thing. Why do almost all clothing sellers use one of the characteristics of the weight of fabric or leather? For me personally, this is absolutely useless information. I almost never know the...
  2. born113

    Help me find out the jacket please

    Brand & Style? I'll be very grateful
  3. born113

    Help me sizing the Aero 1950's long Halfbelt please

    I thought for a long time whether it is worth asking such a question here. And how to formulate the question accurately enough... I've researched tons of information about Aero here. And I got information from Aero. Comparing all the data I am completely confused. I am now interested in comfort...
  4. born113

    Good Wear - order time

    The situation has changed? Or are people still waiting for an order for more than two years?
  5. born113

    Selection of one (similar) leather color for jacket and shoes/boots.

    Maybe I have a strange addiction or I am especially old-fashioned, but I prefer to combine jackets and boots of the same color. It is relatively easy to choose black items. But it is very difficult to find a jacket and boots of any other very similar color and quality of leather. Just one...
  6. born113

    Nicks boots - fit/sizing - How does the size compare with normal shoe size?

    Knowledgeable people share their experience of choosing the size of Nicks boots please. I am not able to go to the store for measurements. What sizes of Nicks correspond to what sizes of famous brands of shoes? Personally, I am most interested in the ratio of sizes to New...
  7. born113

    Aero leathers 3/4 jacket - durable durable leather

    I want to buy 3/4 Aero leathers jacket. Primarily I am interested in the durability and strength of leather. I not want the surface topcoat wears pretty quickly, and is especially prone to scratches. I want a jacket that not will look old and beaten in after a few short years. With all this, I...