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    LOST WORLDS - Discovering some GREAT leather!

    LW jackets and coats To be honest....the quality of LW HH leather is superb... I have the suburban jacket and the bedford coat both in HH.. What I also like is the shape of the collar of the jacket and coat....Aero jackets on the other hand have the same style of collar. Anyway everyone...
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    The fit of an Aero G-1 (and G&B)

    Hello Oliver, I can go along with your point of view.. Thanks alot..
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    Nice coats and jackets

    A UK seller.....check this out.. http://www.spinning-wheel.net/prod1924.htm
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    The fit of an Aero G-1 (and G&B)

    right fit ..? How a jacket fits depends on personal preferences. I my opinion an A2 or G1 jacket doesn't have to fit tight on the body.. Like those pilots in WW 2 or the Korean war...they flew in thosee jackets zipped up but felt no restriction in their movements. The same with my Aero...
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    Jimi Hendrix Hussar pelisse

    On ebay you can find this hussar coat. www.dealtime.co.uk/xDN-clothing-melton_coat--ebay_express_merch
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    J 23 by Lost Worlds

    LW's jackets I have LW's Suburban and Down town carcoat both HH. I love them both....the HH are of excellent quality..chrome tanned.. My Aero Halfbelt is chrome tanned also..but LW is better...
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    Whermacht long leather coat

    I like to know if any of you have the Whermacht long leather coat made by MAGNOLIA CLOTHIERS..? If so..what's your opinion of the leather...the quality..? Thanks Johan
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    Lost Worlds Downtown not too bad at all

    I have a downtown (HH) in black.... The HH is quite thik..(very durable) .What I also like about this coat is its length...very suitable for the windy weather here in Holland.
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    New member and new horsehide

    It's a nice looking halfbelt (with zipper i guess)...How about the leather ..is it thik HH..?? The left pocket is in a good condition too.....perfect...!! Ruben
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    Californian Ventura

    I wonder how much the longer version of the civilian jacket will cost..?
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    Californian Ventura

    Maybe you're right....with your mild climatr ...goathide is more suitable.. Good luck Ruben
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    Californian Ventura

    If you're looking for a more authentic looking jacket its better to have the californian in HH sealbrown.....and maybe without those straps on the sleeves. So far I haven't seen a 40's jacket in goathide....and the HH of these jackets were thicker. Maybe this will help you..... Ruben
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    lost Worlds Ryder jacket

    Hello everybody.. Which of you have a Lost Wolds Ryder jacket..(not the sale item).. Plz show me a photo wearing this jacket.. I bought the LW suburban jacket a couple of years ago..superb HH I must say. Johan
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    1942 catalog

    We're in '09..??
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    Lost Worlds jackets.

    Hi... I have an Aero A2 HH jacket and an Aero H halfbelt. Further 1 Suburban HH (black) and 2 black Bedfords HH all from LW. As for the Suburban and the Bedfords i agree that the leather is tough and hard to break in... Like in the old days all these leather jackets and coats made for...
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    Just picked this ELC A-2 up today!!

    May i know your body lenght.... I'm looking for an A2 for my daughter... Thanks Johan
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    Aero Stockman

    sorry ...Paddy... all these excitements.....STOCKMAN....
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    **NEWS EXTRA**Good Wear flying jackets take vintage authenticity to new heights!!

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    Aero Stockman

    Thanks for your information...Bob I'm going to order the sockman...(with scallop pocket flaps, like tose on the A2's, and with snap button closure)