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    Vanson Model B Size 46

    Vanson Model B with zip-out liner, size 46. Amazing jacket that is very nicely broken in and has soft, supple leather. The only things that I could find worth mentioning are some scuffs/scratches on the buckles, and one flaw in the leather as shown in the photos. I am only selling this...
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    Schott 654 - XL - Brown

    Lovely Schott 654 size XL in brown. Outstanding jacket, but am looking for something more suited to riding the motorcycle. Excellent condition, still have the (detached) tags! For fit reference, my chest size is 43.5-44", I wear a size 44 Schott 141 and size 46 Vanson Model B. $350 shipped...
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    Vanson Model B Compared to Schott 141 (sizing and other observations)

    Hi everyone, first post here. I recently acquired a lovely Vanson Model B, and wanted to share my story, especially since it seems many people consider this jacket along with the Schott 141 and 641. TL;DR - Both are terrific jackets, but have different cuts/fit. Rewind several years, and I...