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  1. Stormy

    WANTED: Room to Rent

    I am looking for a room to rent anyplace on the globe but preferably in the US. I need it for about 3 months starting in mid or late April. If anyone has any info, don't hesitate to let me know? Thanks
  2. Stormy

    Big band event in houston

    From an email I've received. Hope to meet some of you loungers there. Regards Just a quick note to let you know that the Houstonian Big Band has scheduled a new public residency downtown, at Artista Restaurant inside the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts (800 Bagby). We will be...
  3. Stormy

    Soap is bad for skin!

    So, what do you ladies use to cleanse and to exfoliate? Even mild soaps are loaded with damaging ingredients. I don't even use baby products on my 1yr old grandson. As for me, I'm looking for alternatives to soaps for optimal skin care. Is sea salt good for both cleansing and rejuvenating?
  4. Stormy

    Hats for Little Guys

    Hello Everyone, I have a grandson! He was born Wednesday, and I'm already planning his wardrobe and hat collection. The little newsboys are easy to find, but by the time he's 4 or 5 I hope to get him an authentic Panama, fedora, and high roller. Does anyone here know where I could get real...