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  1. Cyber Lip

    Broken Stitch

    Just noticed one of my jackets has a single broken stitch. It's at the bottom of the rear hem so not in a crucial spot, or in a spot where there's frequent movement or flexing of the stitching. I was wondering if I should bother with getting it fixed. What do you think guys?
  2. Cyber Lip

    Himel Bros - Still in Business?

    Edited: I was able to get in touch with them.
  3. Cyber Lip

    Japanese brands rejecting Shinki

    I've read a few comments on this here and there and was wondering if anyone knows the full story...that Freewheelers, Rainbow Country etc had smaller than normal production runs the last couple years due to the lack of acceptable quality leather coming out of Shinki. Understandable due to Covid...
  4. Cyber Lip

    Himel blanket wool lining

    Has anyone had any experience with a Himel jacket with this lining? How do you like it?
  5. Cyber Lip

    Leather Vest?

    Looking for a leather vest, pretty much exactly like this one from Real Mccoy's. Problem with the Real Mccoy's vest is it's about $1,500 to $1,700 lol, otherwise I'd buy one. Anyone else make something that's pretty much exactly like it? It's hard to find a good leather vest that isn't corny...
  6. Cyber Lip

    FS: Freewheelers BRAKEMAN Shinki Horsehide Leather Jacket sz 42 Black

    Freewheelers Japan "BRAKEMAN" Shinki Horsehide Leather Jacket Size 42, "Rude Black", 2019. $1750 w/Free Shipping. USA sale only, I will not ship outside the USA. However, if you're international you can purchase this from me on Ebay and have it shipped to you through Ebay's Global Shipping...
  7. Cyber Lip

    FS: Freewheelers SWITCHYARD Shinki Horsehide Leather Jacket sz 40 Black

    Freewheelers Japan "SWITCHYARD" Shinki Horsehide Leather Jacket Size 40, "Rude Black". It appears this is a discontinued style. Freewheelers hasn't offered it in a few years. This one is from 2017 or 2018. Price is $1749 with Free Shipping and Free Paypal Fees. USA sale only, I won't ship...
  8. Cyber Lip

    FS: AERO BOARD RACER Italian Vicenza Horsehide Leather Jacket sz 42 Dark Seal Brown

    AERO "Board Racer" Horsehide Leather Jacket Size 42, Dark Seal Brown SOLD!! Measurements in inches - Chest (jacket lying flat measured across front from armpit to armpit): 22.5" Shoulders: 18" Back Length: 26.5" Sleeves: 25.5" Specs/features - Dark Seal Brown Italian Vicenza Horsehide. Nickel...
  9. Cyber Lip

    Rainbow Country - Special Ordering?

    Is one able to place an order for a Rainbow Country jacket through one of the Japanese shops? I seem to recall someone doing this once. Wanting one of their jackets but everyone is always 'sold out' of it in my size
  10. Cyber Lip

    Himel...current wait time?

    Anyone know what their delivery time is looking like currently? I placed an order with them about 4 months ago back in Aug. I'm not in a hurry, just trying to get an idea of what to expect
  11. Cyber Lip

    AERO PREMIERE HIGHWAYMAN Horsehide Leather Jacket Size 42 Brown

    AERO "Premier Range" HIGHWAYMAN Horsehide Leather Jacket Size 42, Brown Price: $849 shipping included. Please note: I will not ship outside the USA. Payment via Paypal. Please PM me if interested as I may not be checking this thread. Measurements in inches - Chest (jacket lying flat measured...
  12. Cyber Lip

    Deerskin Jacket movie

    I just watched a movie on HBO last night called "Deerskin", about a guy obsessed with his deerskin jacket, lol. I highly recommend it to all you jacket freaks
  13. Cyber Lip

    Rainbow Country Japan Shinki Horsehide LEATHER DOWN VEST Size L

    New (with tag) and un-worn. Great piece! Selling because unfortunately it is too snug on me. $429 via Paypal. These are $700+ so this is a steal on this. Send me a PM if interested. Price includes shipping within the USA. Please note, this is a USA sale only. If you live outside the USA please...
  14. Cyber Lip

    Aero's Premier collar in CXL

    I have a brand new Premiere Highwayman in CXL, with the Premier style collar that comes standard on it. Does anyone that has this particular collar in CXL have tips for making it wearable/comfortable? Instead of being round, the neck hole is a long, narrow oval shape, so the sides of the collar...
  15. Cyber Lip

    Don't buy a new jacket until you watch this

  16. Cyber Lip

    FS: Himel Bros CANUCK Size 42 Dark Brown Shinki

    Like New condition. $1650 via Paypal which includes shipping, fully insured. Will ship inside USA only. I've had this a couple years. I've worn it occasionally during that time but you'd be hard pressed to tell. It's been hung on proper long and wide hanger when not worn, and no weird...
  17. Cyber Lip

    FS: Freewheelers Japan JOURNEYMAN Size 40 Olive Drab

    Basically brand new. $1750 via Paypal which includes shipping, fully insured (these sold new for approx $2500 US). Will ship inside USA only. Comes with tags as pictured. These were produced in a limited quantity and appear to now be sold out. Only had this a couple months. It's been worn just...
  18. Cyber Lip

    Grifter USA ~Folsom Motorcycle Gloves~ Size L

    Brand new, never worn. This is the latest style offering from Grifter. It features 12 oz Indigo and Cream striped fabric, with navy blue Deerskin, brass snap and cuff cutout. Unlined, perfect for spring/summer/fall riding. Size Large, fits 8.5 - 9 inch hands. Made in the USA!! $80 w/free...
  19. Cyber Lip

    AERO CHiPs Jacket sz 38 (fits like 42) Brown CXL FQHH

    Selling my gorgeous and super-cool Aero CHiPs. Made in 2014 by Julie Leitch. I'm the original owner. Fantastic condition, no issues. Non-smoker, no odors. Well cared for, it has only been worn normally (used but not abused) and hung on a proper wide hanger in the closet. Nicely broken in. $699...
  20. Cyber Lip

    AERO Zip Sleeve HIGHWAYMAN sz 38 (fits like 42-44) Black CXL

    Selling my gorgeous Aero Highwayman. Made in 2013 by Julie Leitch. Fantastic condition, no issues. Non-smoker, no odors. Nicely broken in. Asking $699. Shipping within the USA only. PM me if interested. These run large, it's marked 38 but fits like a 42 - 44. Please go by the...