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    Rank and Patches on Military Jackets - Might I Offend a Veteran?

    1. Indicator that he was a liar. His reaction confirmed it. 2. How do you get that he might have had a son, when I posited that his age was about that of Vietnam era? 3. SEALs certainly were in Vietnam. They're also the most likely to be the target of stolen valor. Read this...
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    Russian Sailor Shirts

    This thread needs theme music.
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    New details on Glenn Miller's disappearance

    A US team is investigating if a plane carrying band leader Glenn Miller might have crashed off the Dorset coast. The UC-64A Norseman disappeared over the English Channel in 1944 in one of World War Two's most enduring mysteries. The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) is...
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    Rank and Patches on Military Jackets - Might I Offend a Veteran?

    I'll suggest that the guilty parties often reveal themselves for what they really are. 8pm (or 20.00 hours, if you will) at the local supermarket. It's nearly empty, I'm minding my own business and I turn into an aisle to come face to face with an older (60-70, hard to tell) tall (6') gaunt...
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    Rank and Patches on Military Jackets - Might I Offend a Veteran?

    1) JAG down here is getting more serious about dealing with these sort of shenanigans. https://taskandpurpose.com/military-crimes-ucmj-changes-2019 2) One of 'ours'. Enjoy the Stupid Factor, cranked up to 11. I'll bet $20 he wore all sorts of memorabilia in public, Keith R. Hudson, 71, was...
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    Rank and Patches on Military Jackets - Might I Offend a Veteran?

    I ran into someone who had *great* stories and since they were just too good, did some background digging on him. He had one of those late Cold War flight jackets all patched up, and a photo of him wearing it while squatting on the wing of a fighter jet. He used this photo to enhance his dating...
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    The Speakeasy in Philadelphia's Divine Lorraine Hotel

    I'm just going to float this to the top of the bowl again, cause y'all missed this... Exclusive: The Divine Lorraine lobby restored, in before-after photos https://philly.curbed.com/2017/9/14/16302348/divine-lorraine-lobby-makeover-photos https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divine_Lorraine_Hotel
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    USS LEXINGTON Discovered

    Update: Paul Allen passed away on October 15, 2018. The Microsoft co-founder and son of a World War II veteran, Allen supported a research team that spent years searching for shipwrecks associated with the war. His discoveries also include the U.S.S. Indianapolisand the world’s largest sunken...
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    50 Unexplainable Photos

    ... or winding his pocket watch.
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    50 Unexplainable Photos

    Texting for a Cornish beach, September 1943. https://www.foxnews.com/science/conspiracy-theorists-spot-time-traveler-using-mobile-phone-in-1940s-photo-during-world-war-ii
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    "Heaven Can Wait"

    Eleven fewer MIAs. https://www.foxnews.com/us/remains-of-crew-from-downed-world-war-ii-era-plane-recovered-from-pacific-ocean Pilot 1st Lt Herbert G. Tennyson, O-745216 320th BS (MIA / KIA) Sedgwick County, KS Co-Pilot 2nd Lt Michael J. McFadden, Jr., O-806878 320th BS (MIA / KIA) Sarben...
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    What's Gaelic for "Hey, might want to check your map"?

    Google Translate gave me more-or-less the same. D'fhéadfadh "Hey, gur mhaith leat do léarscáil a sheiceáil"?
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    What's Gaelic for "Hey, might want to check your map"?

    Disorientated as they emerged from their wreck, they thought they were close to their Scottish base. Spotting a pub, they decided to celebrate their survival but when they entered the saloon bar they found it full of Germans in Nazi uniforms who shouted at them to “go to their own bar”. The...
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    What's Gaelic for "Hey, might want to check your map"?

    Wolfe found himself heading not back to his airbase, RAF Eglinton, now City of Derry Airport, in Northern Ireland just 13 miles away, but to Curragh Camp, County Kildare, 175 miles to the south. Here, a huddle of corrugated iron huts housed 40 other RAF pilots and crewmen who had accidentally...
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    What's Gaelic for "Hey, might want to check your map"?

    Citations and links are good things. As the war continued, K Lines expanded with the addition of 45 other German airmen and 47 more Allied airmen. Within each compound, the internees were allowed to have a bar in which the Army sold drink duty-free. In October 1943 the Allied internees were...
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    What's Gaelic for "Hey, might want to check your map"?

    Look at my screenname. I do not stumble, Mister Cairo. I drink and I know things.
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    What's Gaelic for "Hey, might want to check your map"?

    A recent coastal wildfire in Ireland has bared a huge sign from the Second World War that had been covered up by thick undergrowth for around 70 years. The sign, built on the land by whitewashed stones, was first spotted by a Garda unit (Irish Air Corps) who was on a flyover while helping...
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    Ju-52 crash in the Swiss Alps

    A Ju 52 went down Saturday Aug, 4 2018 on the Piz Segnas mountain above the Swiss Alpine resort of Flims, striking the mountain's western flank about 8,330 feet above sea level. All 20 people on board were killed, police said Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018. SOURCE: Polizei Graubuenden...
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    My hat is harder than yours....

    Came across an item salvaged during a particularly sweaty bike ride, that had been languishing on a top shelf for a few years. Behold a 1950's-ish vintage hard hat. Turns out it's a SuperLite Hard Hat, by Fibre-Metal products Co. of Concordville, PA. It was dirty, dingy and had some road rash...
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    COLD SKIN (2017)

    A 2017 release, set in 1914 on a South Atlantic Island. Has overtones of Verne's 'Lighthouse at the End of the World'. Trailer Spoilers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_Skin_(film)

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