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  1. ksozay

    Lost Worlds Buco J23 - Size 42

    Brilliant fit on that jacket. Will be difficult to find another with that fit. Stuart really did a great job on this one.
  2. ksozay

    The Flat Head Selfedge Delraiser 42

    Great jacket, even better seller!
  3. ksozay

    IH 526pj 21oz type3

    Great deal! This should have been gone 13 seconds after you posted this. Can't get near that price on fleabay.
  4. ksozay

    FS: Aero Leather Motorcycle Jacket Cordovan Color Horsehide SZ 44

    Hey OTH! Can you provide a bit more info on the main zip issue? Very interested in the jacket and would love to know current state of the main. Take care, KS
  5. ksozay

    WTB: The jacket I sold you

    Can you really put a price on those outstanding buttons? I shudder to think how many good decorative pillows from the early 70s were sacrificed to make those buttons.
  6. ksozay

    Aero Ridley Cordovan - 46 Custom

    AF, this is an absolutely stunning jacket. WOW. I can't believe you are cutting this one loose!
  7. ksozay

    WTB Fine Creek Leon Custom size 42

    Alright let me see... mine are all 2mm HH. 1. 42 custom. New never worn. 2. 44 standard leon. New never worn. 3. 46 custom. Lightly worn. Measurements for the 46: P2P - 22.5 Sleeve - 24.5-25" Shoulder - ~19.5" Send me a PM and we can continue to discuss. Would be interested in seeing what...
  8. ksozay

    WTB Fine Creek Leon Custom size 42

    I've got a number of these. Let me check and see if I have a 44. I am a Fine Creek junky.
  9. ksozay

    Real McCoy's "The Original " Buco J-24 Horsehide Jacket Size 44 w/ Mouton Collar For Sale

    Hey ML, How old is this jacket? Given that it's made by Real McCoys, my assumption is that it is a modern jacket. :)
  10. ksozay

    Cal Cafe Racer (racing shirt) with the six-panel back

    This is an insane price for this jacket in this condition. I have a few of these and they are some of my favorite to wear. The leather is outstanding. It's thick without being heavy. And it the cut is much more modern compared to some of the other makers.
  11. ksozay

    FS: Schott Suede Rancher Type 3 Jacket 42

    I am REALLY tempted TV!
  12. ksozay

    FOR SALE- Y’2 Leather Jacket D-Pocket, HR-55, Size 44 , Black

    @Biff42 - If the jacket doesn't work out, PLEASE let me know. :) :)
  13. ksozay

    FOR SALE- Y’2 Leather Jacket D-Pocket, HR-55, Size 44 , Black

    Exceptionally nice jacket!
  14. ksozay

    SOLD–FS: Y'2 Leather Steer Suede 3rd Type Jacket, Black, Size 40

    If I had to bet on the person that grabbed this... @ton312
  15. ksozay

    FS: Laer/Snake Oil Provisions 1st Version Size Medium

    I have one of these, love it. The cut is very modern and fits tapered. The leather is excellent as is the craftsmanship. Wasn't expecting to be this nice. I paid MUCH more than 650, if I remember correctly LOL
  16. ksozay

    Schott 613sh perfecto leather jacket 40

    This is one of my favorite modern Schott jackets. It's incredibly easy to wear and fits in a more modern, tapered cut. I don't find it as boxy as some of the other patterns Schott is making, especially the horsehide versions, for whatever reason. I also like the decision to remove the belt...
  17. ksozay

    FS: Lost Worlds Buco J23 4/4.5+ Oz Heavyweight Horsehide Leather Jacket Black Size 40 (See Measurements)

    Smart move, you just saved yourself a ton of money on an excellent jacket!
  18. ksozay

    FS: Lost Worlds Buco J23 4/4.5+ Oz Heavyweight Horsehide Leather Jacket Black Size 40 (See Measurements)

    This is a great jacket at an even better price. The measurements are exactly what I'd expect from a LW 40. I'd recommend propping up to eBay at 1500. Worth more than 1k.
  19. ksozay

    Aero Leather Half Belt Premium 44

    What a stunning jacket. Makes me miss London. LOL. Sending you a PM.

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