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  1. Cocker

    What are you wearing today??

    Love the sweater!!
  2. Cocker

    Simon James Cathcart/Cathcart London Problems

    Thank you! Had a quick look at their website, and as far as I can see, they could also work for me. Will give them a try for the next one!
  3. Cocker

    Simon James Cathcart/Cathcart London Problems

    This is noted, thanks Edward! So far, the only viable option I found in spearpoints is Revival Vintage. The quality is good, the sleeves are about long enough (at least not so short that it would be looking off), my only gripe is that their price went up a bit.
  4. Cocker

    Simon James Cathcart/Cathcart London Problems

    My big grip with SJC's shirts/sweaters/jackets is that their sleeves are awfully short. Granted, I've got ape arms, but can make it somewhat work with a lot of brand. Here, it's no use. BTW, ordered the Shepperton waistcoast in tan to go with the trousers. I have to go to a wedding in 2 weeks...
  5. Cocker

    What are you wearing today??

    Posted this one in the SJC thread,might as well also post it here! Today's outfit: - Cathcart Heritage (SJC) Rust Deco Polo and Big BBattle Jeans - Foempies natural canvas and vulcanized rubber soles sneakers - Ray Ban titanium aviators
  6. Cocker

    Simon James Cathcart/Cathcart London Problems

    Ok, so I'm jumping back in now that the "saga" of my order is over! So, as advised earlier in this threat, and as planned, I ordered one of their pleated suit trousers (Shepperton in Tan) and one deco polo in rust. The order arrived in less than five days in Belgium, with no customs fees...
  7. Cocker

    I'm looking for a pair of boots

    In terms of canvas/leather boots, I really like Pike Brothers Lowkinawas: https://www.pikebrothers.com/en/1952-Lowkinawa-Boots-olive-drab/P0501-17-0002-46 And there is also a roughout version: https://www.pikebrothers.com/en/1952-Lowkinawa-Boots-rough-out/P0501-21-0002-43
  8. Cocker

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Folks, for those of you who own Shawn's Cossack, I have a question regarding the shoulders. From the size chart, I would need a size 40 in terms of chest size, but the shoulder measurements seem really small at 18.5 inches. as my regular shoulder size is 20 inches. So the question is: would...
  9. Cocker

    Simon James Cathcart/Cathcart London Problems

    Never had any issue with SJC in the past, but my last order was 2 years ago. I'm on the verge of ordering a polo deco shirt and a pleated suit trousers from them, so we'll see if I have any issue. I'll keep you posted.
  10. Cocker

    Boots & bunions

    A friend of mine developped gout at the same age. Of course, he was quite heavy on the booze and red meat. You should get a doctor to see it indeed and assess what it is exactly.
  11. Cocker

    Any hot tips for 40s-style sweater vests (repro)?

    There's also some options at Revival Clothing: https://www.revivalvintage.co.uk/category/vintage-waistcoats-and-tanktops/ I've also seen a few at Labour Union that look interesting: https://labourunion-1986.com/collections/tops-knitwear
  12. Cocker

    WPG "Trenchcoat"

    After a quick research, found this picture on their FB page:
  13. Cocker

    The ultimative Denim Trouser Thread?

    I received my pair of SJC's BD Trousers last week, and I'm in love with them! Will try to snag a couple pics next week as I'll be off a couple days!
  14. Cocker

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    This one since Monday, Aero 42-18775-P, 5 years of intense wear:
  15. Cocker

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Congrats! I'm thinking really hard about getting the same done since Shawn posted it on the FB page. I'll be waiting impatiently for your fit pics!
  16. Cocker

    Vintage Style vest / singlets...

    I'd check for the usual suspects in WW2 reenactment (ATF, WPG, SOF...), most of them carry white and OD vest.
  17. Cocker


    Try to get some button-up suspenders. The clip-ons really look too much like a hipster or 90's thing and are not vintage at all :-)
  18. Cocker

    The ultimative Denim Trouser Thread?

    Have you guys looked at the upcoming SJC trousers and jacket? https://simonjamescathcart.com/collections/chinos/products/denim-battle-dress-trousers https://simonjamescathcart.com/products/denim-battle-dress-jacket I pre-ordered a pair of the Battle trousers, if they are the same quality as my...
  19. Cocker

    Shave of the Day

    I shave every other day. The skin on my throat is very sensitive, and I don't need to shave every day for work, so no need for more. Since I've started to shave again, I'm very much enjoying this time in the morning. I had to adapt the schedule to find some times in between my wife's morning...
  20. Cocker

    What are you listening to?

    Their cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit is absolutely fabulous!!

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