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    Filson coats - anyone?

    Hi, I've been looking for a Mackinaw for a while. Got a Filson off eBay but it was too small. Also faded and the fabric did not feel particularly thick. Last week I got another one for a little more. It is not faded. It actually looks almost brand new. There is some fraying at the edge of one...
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    Post Pics of Your Cafe Racer Jackets

    Hi, The Grey Ghost is still hanging around. I love that it is grey. When I wore it a few times I noticed that is was significantly cooler than a black jacket. I got an Aerostich Roadcrafter in grey also for that exact reason. Works great. Also I think it was made in the 1960s (not sure about...
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    Lost Worlds Jean Jacket Horsehide with Sheekskin Lining Excellent Size 44

    Good in a way. I was considering this as a Birthday present to me but I was having a hard time believing I would wear it enough in Southern California (it’s been quite hot lately and it’s never freezing). Also I was wondering how long the sleeves would be after the fur tightened up and shrunk...
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    Lost Worlds Ballistic Nylon Downtown Camouflage Car Coat Size Medium

    Sent a PM or conversation...? Not sure how it works honestly. : )
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    Leather Western Shirt Arrives

    Yes. I agree. Something like this has definitely moved up a few notches on my To Do list. Not only did I originally think it’s not that big a deal and I liked the idea of something tougher but cooler to wear for summer riding, but now I am thinking, for sunny summer days a version in a grey...
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    Leather Western Shirt Arrives

    So this is what all the hand-wringing and whimpering was about?? It looks great. If YOU like it, wear it with joy and celebrate your self. You don’t need other peoples approval to grow up and be happy. As I said in your other thread (not sure why you didn’t just continue this there), 97.82% of...
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    Lets see those Motorcycle Jackets!

    Wore my old Cascade a few days ago.
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Thanks guys. I appreciate it. This jacket fits very good but so does a goat-skin (I think) older Cascade I have. I am really growing to like Langlitz as I try a few others here and there. All of them are vintage and not custom. At least not originally for me. The zip detail shown indicates the...
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    Post Pics of Your Cafe Racer Jackets

    Here they are. Thanks for your interest. I would be interested to hear any opinions on the date of these. In general I'm guessing 1960s but if you think it might be another decade I'd like to learn why. Thanks. Here are a few pix of the goatskin Cascade. It fits pretty good but the picture was...
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Wore this today.
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    Leather Western Overshirt

    It looks fine on the manikin or model. How it looks on you is up to you, not the shirt. In my experience, if you take pride and joy in something honest and truthful about it, like it’s high quality, handmade, you like the way it looks or fits, etc. they you will probably be fine. If you are...
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    Post Pics of Your Cafe Racer Jackets

    Hi, I don’t know what the official definition of a Cafe Racer jacket is - maybe there is only a general concept, and that’s all that’s necessary - but if cross-zips count, I’ve got a few Langlitz Cascades that seem to be a match. I’ve only got pix of one right now. It’s what I call my...
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    Vanson model E

    West LA. Near Santa Monica, Century City, Marina del Rey ... there’s a Starbucks on the corner ... :D
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    Vanson model E

    Righteous! Great idea. I thought you were getting a 42, but I guess I couldn’t keep up who’s who with all the various posts of everyone. Interesting that your 38 feels looser than the 42. Did you try loosening the side laces? I tightened mine up a lot to try to get a more fitted, less boxy feel...
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    Vanson model E

    I like that Winged Wheel patch. And I like his jacket which seems to be older and has some character. I’ve caught several older Langlitz now that are too much of a good thing (almost the same thing)! I’m thinking about what to release. Maybe I should start a thread on that... I can’t say I’m...
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    Dating Outerwear by zipper design

    The plot thickens. Just received this and got a closer look. So maybe this is not a newer Coats Clark but instead an older Crown? The seller seemed to think this was a 1960s Cascade but considering the Crown main zip and Conmatic cuff zips I’m starting to feel like it might be late 1950s...
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    I'm going to guess that the hat was too big for the actor. Turning is slightly sideways allowed it to sit above the actor's eyes for the photo. The director and/or producer(s) probably thought it won't matter; no one will notice. The hat might have been a last minute addition that someone...
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    Dating Outerwear by zipper design

    Duplicate(ish) question. I just picked up an older jacket (supposedly from the 1960s with Conmatic cuff zips, but who knows...) with this short main pull. I am used to the longer, spelled out "Coats Clark" version and was wondering if this short "CC" one was older, newer or just a smaller...
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    Vanson model E

    I just got one a few weeks ago. I have to say it's a lot stiffer than I thought. The left side has so many pocket that the overlapping layers makes it feel like I'm wearing a cardboard box! Is this normal? Are others finding them this stiff? It's basically new, so maybe it needs to be broken...
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    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    So the Vanson E showed up. Seemed very heavy and boxy at first. I have a Langlitz Cascade from the 1990s that is supposedly made with their heaviest weight leather at the time. That jacket seems heavy and thick but not stiff. This jacket feels very stiff. I was told that it is almost new though...

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