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  1. regius

    FS: catch n release Vintage NOS Red Wing cowboy 8.5

    Just received these from ebay, unfortunately no luck, as we all know cowboys boots you should size up, but these are so nice so I gave them a try. They are clearly not worn, and the yellowed sticker seems to suggest it’s from the late 80s? But I’m no expert at Red Wing western boots. Very nicely...
  2. regius

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Taking the Vanson out on a rare sunny day.
  3. regius

    NWT Addict Japan AD-02 Teacore Sheepskin Double Rider sz44 Black

    so tempted, very nice! good luck
  4. regius

    Branded Garments Beast 42

    You may call this brand “Peter’s of the USA”. Cause the owners name is Peter. Anyway, it’s a beast, with the Branded label. Also fits very well, very athletic. Good luck K!
  5. regius

    Riri zipper question

    The Riri slider is able to slide off the top even when the stopper is on… it is only stopped by the bent tape after installation. Crazy behavior. But it let you switch the slider from European to American side
  6. regius

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Not sure why photos are sideways.
  7. regius

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Still love this Blatt horsehide flight jacket. Robustly built, despite a front heavy pattern. For mobility junkies this is a terrible pattern, almost no forward reaching room despite it’s a large size, but for the greaser look, it’s where it’s at.
  8. regius

    WTB : Raiders Fedora

    I have one that may fit, from the English original maker
  9. regius

    FS: Aero Shackleton vest 46

    Wool and battered Steerhide vest. Size 46. The two flap pocket are in fact very functional and creat a nice user experience as they are just large and deep enough to accommodate an iPhone 13! It’s a very comfortable fit, not like a typical Aero that’s tight on top and large at hem. Asking...
  10. regius

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    First vintage acquisition in a while.
  11. regius

    Hi new here. Is wearing a leather jacket basically an invitation for trouble?

    Just Google the photo of Jeremy Irons posing in a Lewis Cyclone with dress pants, dress shoes and tux shirt underneath. Can’t get more posh than that. If you wear a shirt and tie under the Perfecto, it’ll basically become a leather suit/tux. Back in the day the cross zips were worn this way most...
  12. regius

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Hi there, I am Looking into a toys McCoy, really like their new Wild One movie series (Dextro etc). Their largest is 44. I wonder how their sizing works? What’s the measurements on a 44 or 42? If they go up to 46 I think it’ll be a no brainer but at a Japanese 44, the sleeve and chest may just...
  13. regius

    Sears Oakbrook civil A2/greaser 44

    Selling this beautiful black Oakbrook flight jacket in 44. Highly wearable size and condition. I actually got it in a NOS condition probably five years ago. Starting to show some sleeve creasing. Lining, zip and knits are all good, the snaps are very strong. I think it’s a cowhide. Black is...
  14. regius

    FS: Aero black hair RAF 42

  15. regius

    FS: Aero black hair RAF 42

    Best attempt at dimensions: Shoulder 19” Pit 22.75 Sleeves 26 Back length 26 (but in effect it’ll be like 25 as the hair creates volume when worn). Asking $300 paypal FF, shipping in the US $25.
  16. regius

    FS: Aero black hair RAF 42

    Selling my size 42 Aero RAF, a kind of one off, not sure if they still Offer it as “seasonal” option. I truly love this jacket, a normal RAF is just too baggy for its historical fit, so I typically go down a size but sleeves would still be too long. This one just have the right amount of...
  17. regius

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Competition weight. Yes picked up from factory
  18. regius

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Current production Vanson, love it

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