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    DEANGLEN -This ones for you!!

    <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a225/jbrana/IM001522.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>Best wishes!!
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    Howdy Metropod - Guerra

    Metropod had asked for some info on my Guerra that I purchased from Millers about a year ago. So, I thought I would share my ugly face to all. Lets see if I can get a picture posted!!http://s12.photobucket.com/albums/a225/jbrana/?action=view&current=IM001516.jpg -SORRY!!.Its early in the morning.
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    David Morgan Explorer

    All right I confess, I got on DM website to see what all the controvery over the Light Weight Panama was all about. I have made my decision. I wanted to look at their selection of Akubras and noticed the new model called Explorer. Looks very Federation like to yours truly. Anybody have one??
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    CBS Morning news is going to run a piece on Panama Hats in this coming hour CDT. Something about a Master Hatter. Just thought I'd spread the word in case anyone else is on vacation and can watch for the heck of it.
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    Day 1 Stratton F42 Brown Trooper Hat

    Howdy fellow Campaigners. Per Deanglen's request here is one of my rescued Stratton Hats in Brown. My wife was kind enough to put the required 3 stitches around the brim @ 1/4" I think maybe a 1/8 might be a little better. I will strip the hat cord and see what the sunshine will do to it...
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    Panama Hat Question

    Who would be the go to man (or lady) to sew a sweatband in a Monticristi that I have had for years and never worn because IT HAS NO SWEATBAND. A co-worker from Ecuador brought it back for me years ago and I would like to put it into rotation with my Panama Bob's.
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    Should be Interesting - My Second A2

    I'm sure you guys are the ones plugging up the phone line to U S Wings, but I did get thru finally and odered one of their A2s they had on special. I owned a Cooper and it was OK I guess, sort of kinda. Being someone with an eye for a bargain (Scottish ,all right?) I took a chance on one of...
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    Dehner Riding Shoes (Lace Jodphurs)

    Decent pair I picked up a few months ago and took a chance on size. I lost, maybe you can use them. They are APPROX a Size 91/2-10 Narrow. They are custom riding shoes in Tan Calf with a capped toe, no spur rest. IF I owned them (which I do) and IF they fit (which they dont) I would invest...
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    Speaking of Winchester (Secret Hat Body Supplier)

    Has anyone heard about repairs to their facility that burned recently (?). I noticed the supply of Stratton Hats dried up on Ebay. Hope the custom hatters had a supply on hand if this is the case and production is suspended.
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    Attention Hat Wearers

    Do you actually wear your hats out in public? Most of the photos I've seen here are in the back yard or in the house. I think I would like to see some photos of you in public, you know actually wearing the damn things. Crowd shots, lets have some. Hats are for wearing, not for posing. My wife...
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    Just been perusing my emails when I found a sale at US Wings. Was curious if they carried a horsehide A-2. Sure enough, on sale for about 355.00 depending on size. Was wondering if any of you stalwarts out there had any experience with one from U S Wings. A search didnt prove very helpful...
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    So I Dont Let Any of You Down

    My wife has asked me if I would attend the funeral of Sister of a Friend. I would rather attend two weddings than one funeral, but, here's my question.. I will wear a black wool suit, white shirt, appropriate tie,......but my hat choices: Silver Belly Dobbs 40 Light Grey Guererra Medium...
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    ZENITH Shutterdial Motor Drive Tuner

    For you radio enthusiasts among us, show and tell again!! A 1939-40 Zenith Motor Drive Tuner Shutterdial . It reminds me of the old days when I had my picture taken in front of my grandfathers, AND my pants were wet. Oh well, some things never change. About 15 years ago a young man in the...
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    My favorite hats (for today)

    Its been a rainy day today and after running a vacuum cleaner, washing, drying (I dont fold), cooking and getting ready for the evening meal, I thought I would bore you with some pictures of my favorite hats displayed on a rack I purchased from a local western store. They are : Left Row...
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    New Find - Dobbs - Happy Trails

    Just received my Dobbs off Ebay today. Finally found one in 7 3/8 and a Forty to boot. These are just great hats. Came in original box with tissue, great shape. Someones souvenir from a trip to Houston Tex and the Shuddle Bros. hat shop. For the radio fans in the crowd, its resting on a...
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    Stetson 100 Mint w/Tan Presentation Case

    Just got back from a trip antiquing with my wife. I go because, hey, you never know right! Well, why doesnt someone tell me about the Stetson 100 I found. Its mint, in a presentation case (Suitcase!) with the two keys and original paper and uncreased. I actually got to hold the 100 for the...
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    Dobbs Westward Vintage Fedora Sz 7?

    Howdy Members; I recently purchased on Ebay one of THE hats I have been looking for. Problem is, the size was misrepresented. I decided to just keep it and look at it for a few days. Unfortunately, I do not have room for trophies. So, I went ahead and listed it on Ebay Item #8330613117...
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    Guerra Hat

    Good afternoon gentlemen!! I have been on the Lounge page for a couple of months and frankly have learned a lot from you knowledable hat fans!!! After getting my wrist calloused from surfing Ebay, I dedcided that I would try and apply some knowledge gleaned from you gentlemen and try a brand...
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    Recent Trip to Vintage Store

    HI from a semi-newbie. Just completed a run to a vintage clothing store as stated in a separate thread. This is what I came up with: 2 Cavanagh 7 1/2 Light Brown (Tan) Selv-Edge(?) one Excellent, 1 moth holes. 1 Borsalino Light Grey 6 7/8 with trolley Cord Excellent 1 Knox Black 7 1/4...
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    Tom Landry's tweed?

    Peters Bros (?) According to their ads, they were purveyors of hats to Landry. Guess its worth a try.