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  1. ITG

    Ladies Hat

    Size 22. On the inside it says "Made in France." Color is a deep purple. Feather is is great shape. Price $40 + shipping/handing. Email me at wickie7@earthlink.net if interested. Shipping within the U.S. only.
  2. ITG

    MK Maltese Falcon

    Anyone interested in buying an MK MALTESE FALCON? I'm having to clear out room for a baby's room and thought I'd see if I could find a home for the falcon. Hate to give it up but really don't want to pack it up in a storage bin either. Looks similar to this one. I can get you pics if interested...
  3. ITG

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    Have y'all been to Target lately? They have some cute vintagey looking Converse girl shoes: I got these at Target not long ago. They are for females but have a vintage style to them...
  4. ITG

    Canvas Sports Shoes

    I got these at Target not long ago. They are for females but have a vintage style to them...
  5. ITG

    Besame cosmetics

    I wonder why they did away with the original design of the actual lipstick. With the flat edge, it was great for lining your lips before applying the rest of the lipstick. Oh well!
  6. ITG

    What do you do for Living?

    I'm a language arts (and sometimes social studies) content writer/editor for a company that make an online educational program for students. Great place to work and fun work to do!
  7. ITG

    Plus Size Vintage

    Lisa, I know what you mean. Sounds like we're about the same size! Most of the vintage clothes I find are teeny tiny.
  8. ITG

    Modern Singers, Classic Music?

    Oh yes, I love that CD!
  9. ITG

    Modern Singers, Classic Music?

    Oh my it was fabulous! He's really quite the entertainer. Cute, funny, and oh that voice!!!! He even went into the audience and took a picture with these 2 cute little girls. At the end, he thanked everyone for buying tickets, even in such an economically hard time, especially since some of his...
  10. ITG

    MK Maltese Falcon

    I have an MK Maltese Falcon for sale. It's a beautiful piece. I will consider reasonable offers. Please contact me via email if interested: wickie7@earthlink.net
  11. ITG

    Modern Singers, Classic Music?

    I'm so excited, I'm going to see Buble perform tonight. Can't wait!
  12. ITG

    Cold Cream- Brands and advice!

    Smuterella, I'm not sure what OCM is (I missed something somewhere I guess), but creams you typically want to use on dry skin and use lotions for more oily skin. Being that cold cream is a cream you may consider not putting it in your t-zone area, especially if you start breaking out in that...
  13. ITG

    Bombay Company - Out of Business

    What is this about Crate & Barrel? That who my husband works for.
  14. ITG

    A peek inside the seduction community.

    Scott, was it this? :p
  15. ITG

    Diva PinUp MIA

    Has anyone spoken to her since October 07? It makes me wonder if something tragic has happened to her, and if not, then this is major avoidance on her part. Those that paid via Credit Card, Paypal, etc, is there a way for you gals to file with your Credit Card Company for fraud?
  16. ITG

    Show us your hair do's....

    Ellen Pompeo's husband's face resembles Smokey Robinson!
  17. ITG

    low heel heights in shoes

    WEll, I went to Shoe Pavillion this weekend and picked up 3 pairs of Grasshoppers! Gosh, I love the comfiness of this shoe. The Nantucket was on sale for $30 each and the other 2 styles I got were $20 each.
  18. ITG

    Your favorite casino

    For the upscale end of Vegas, I love the Bellagio. For the low end, the $3 Black Jack tables at Circus Circus were quite fun.
  19. ITG

    Bombay Company - Out of Business

    We were in a local Bombay Co a few weeks back. And oh my, the deals! We almost bought a King size Metal bed frame (head and foot board included with frame) for $150.
  20. ITG

    It's Paddy's Birthday Today

    Paddy, I am sorry I'm a day (or 2 days your time) late. But I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I wish you all the best. That's cool that Elvis shares a birthday with another king. :)

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