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  1. Doh!

    Raiders 1951

    Thanks for the tip -- I might just do that!
  2. Doh!

    Forrest Gump 1949

    That's great! I love the added feather.
  3. Doh!


    Up next: Tic-Tac-Toe: The Motion Picture
  4. Doh!

    Raiders 1951

    Brilliant! Too bad Secret of the Incas isn't available -- I've never seen it.
  5. Doh!

    Tuxedo Rental

    This won't clash with much... right? Or would tails and spats show up the groom too much?
  6. Doh!

    Hat Quotes

    "Take off your hat!" -- Judge to Curly in Disorder in the Court. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6q37n7GDCY
  7. Doh!

    Who watches the WATCHMEN?

    I caught this opening weekend and was pretty impressed. Rorschach stole the show by far, and I thought Nite Owl II was nicely fleshed out as well. There were some weak spots (Spectre and Ozy were not the strongest actors) but overall they adapted the material about as best they could. No...
  8. Doh!

    RIP VHS is Dead

    Another problem with the download-only future: sharing. My friends and I are continually lending each other DVDs. How the devil do you share a download? Sure, some day it'll probably be as simple as emailing a photo, but we ain't there yet. By the way, for recording programs nothing beats...
  9. Doh!

    RIP VHS is Dead

    Although I rarely use it, I still have my VCR hooked up for the few tapes which have yet to be issued on DVD (mainly things I taped back in the late '80s/'90s). I love DVDs and am not looking forward to the day when everything is download-only. I like having physical "things" on hand I can...
  10. Doh!

    Music renders a good film into a great one?

    Psycho and Sweet Smell of Success would probably still be very good movies, but their scores push them over the top into classics.
  11. Doh!

    Movie Houses/Apartments

    A cleaned-up version of the Bates mansion from Psycho. I love Victorian homes.
  12. Doh!

    Gran Torino- Clint Eastwood

    I saw it tonight and loved it! Don't want to give away any spoilers, so scroll down a bit for a vague observation... The ending's not what you expect, but it's a good one. I think it ultimately fits the character better and is more realistic than had it gone in...
  13. Doh!

    Forrest J Ackerman

    So long, Forry. "Beast Witches" to your family and friends. :(
  14. Doh!

    Hey Beave!

    You just know that if Jerry Mathers goes to see it, he'll accidentally break it and then Ken Osmond will rat him out to Tony Dow. He'll then clobber him but good.
  15. Doh!

    Forrest J Ackerman

    I was a long time subscriber of FM as well, and had the good fortune to take a guided tour of the original Ackermansion awhile back. Forry could not have been a more gracious host. I wish him well.
  16. Doh!

    Halloween Costumes

    It's been 19 years, so I thought I'd trot out my Joker costume again. My late mother made me the tails back in 1989 when the Nicholson movie came out. I got some kudos at work for being the old school Joker instead of the Ledger one. The hat took me the longest time: it started life as a...
  17. Doh!

    Complete Little Rascals To DVD Oct 2008!

    Amazon has it for sale today. Ordered.
  18. Doh!

    Watchmen trailer up!

    Thanks! It looks like about half of that footage is new.
  19. Doh!

    Halloween Costumes

    Dangit, I missed World Zombie Day again??
  20. Doh!

    Gran Torino- Clint Eastwood

    Hmm... it looks like he gave us that Dirty Harry sequel after all. I can't wait!

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