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    Grease Point Workwear Work Trouser - 14 oz Nihon Menpu Olive Drab Size 38

    Just got these used from another person and they just don't fit me. Need a 35 or 36. Looking to pass these on to someone that’ll appreciate these. $240 shipped CONUS!
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    John Lofgren Engineer boot advice needed

    I'm a brannock 8.5E and in the JL Combat boot I wear size 8, JL Engineer I'm a 8.5 and Iron Ranger I wear size 7.5EE. Having Standard and Strange 45mins away from me also helps as long as they have stock to try on. Hope that helps
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    CPO Shirts and Shirt-Jackets

    How did you find the fit of the Gustin CPO's compared to the measurements listed on there site?
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    The Real McCoy or Flat Head

    Gonna finally start looking at leather jackets and considering a Real McCoy J-24 or Flat Head Delraiser. Pretty much similar styling/leather just wanted to see if there was anything I should be aware of from either company on if I should choose one over the other? Or maybe even another brand I...

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