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  1. CharlieB

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    I learned on a manual monster. The thing could double as a weapon, if you could heave it far enough!
  2. CharlieB

    Newsboy cap and moustache....a good combination

    I shaved my stache once about two years ago - first time in about 30 years - then I remembered why I grew it in the first place. Never again!
  3. CharlieB

    The wool felt hat thread.

    Nice hats. The John Bull really suits you well.
  4. CharlieB

    You can do better ....

    Remove the color and you could probably fool people. Thanks for sharing!
  5. CharlieB

    The wool felt hat thread.

    Very nice lid. The one I am wearing in my avatar is a Jaxon C-crown I ordered online about a month ago. The pic was from my break-in wearing. I have one old woolie that is over 20 years old, and I still wear it when it is either really bad weather (it's actually a "Totes" rain hat, and does...
  6. CharlieB

    Detective hats

    How about a photo from a story within a story. Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard as Dixon Hill....
  7. CharlieB

    Where Do You Think Men Should Shave?

    So I guess hairy arms and legs are OK? ;)
  8. CharlieB

    Where Do You Think Men Should Shave?

    No exception for pools or the beach?
  9. CharlieB

    Sunbeam Mixer

    I have to say "thanks" for posting this. My mother had one exactly like it, but replaced it in the 1970's with a newer Sunbeam. Brings back memories of making Christmas cookies!
  10. CharlieB

    Where Do You Think Men Should Shave?

    I was thinking it, but you beat me to saying it!
  11. CharlieB

    SPAM and the Second World War?

    I guess some animals are more equal than others...
  12. CharlieB

    Your favorite movie quotes

    Mrs. White: a lunatic! He didn't actually seem to like me very much; he had threatened to kill me in public. Miss Scarlet: Why would he wanna kill you in public? Wadsworth: I think she meant he threatened, in public, to kill her. Clue
  13. CharlieB

    How much time do you spend in the hat lounge compared to the other lounge rooms

    Only guess of 30%, since I use the "New Posts" option pretty much exclusively.
  14. CharlieB

    SPAM and the Second World War?

    To come back to the subject of SPAM, I do enjoy it fried up with some eggs for breakfast. Which leads me to wonder: who decided that the pig was the official animal for breakfast anyway?
  15. CharlieB

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Bad Day at Black Rock, some darn fine hats in this one!
  16. CharlieB

    How Old Are The Members of The Fedora Lounge?

    I was born, literally, in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  17. CharlieB

    Unpopular music opinions

    Agreed, he died far too young.
  18. CharlieB

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Thanks, Rue. I finally had my daughter take a decent picture of me with hat!
  19. CharlieB

    SPAM and the Second World War?

    My Dad said the same thing about Spaghetti after his time in Italy.
  20. CharlieB

    Unpopular music opinions

    Give me the "Guess Who" any day for classic rock, Canadian style!

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