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    My first A-2 Jacket : Bill Kelso Dubow 27798, Liberty Seal

    Great fit - it’s perfect - and I think you paired it with the perfect pants and shirt for the post too. And the props are most befitting for the Lounge and this part of the bar! Thanks for posting and wear your jacket in good health! It looks great on you.
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    How serious is this A2 damage?

    Interesting, Carlos! And yes, leaving a jacket alone is also a good option as, lest we forget, A2’s were bashed about and scraped galore in and around aircraft in their service. That first scrape is always a bugger, of course, after laying down a whack of cash for a nice jacket - but is just...
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    How serious is this A2 damage?

    Carefully apply a tiny bit of an appropriately close shade of shoe leather polish using a cotton bud. Sorted! I do this for my ELC RW B3 on the inner sleeves where the leather gets scuffed on the waist buckles. It’s a close match that nobody else would notice but me. It’s not perfect but that’s...
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    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    The new website is a good improvement and that’s never a bad thing. I’m pleased for any private company working hard to make headway in this altered (post-Covid) work reality! And any new website upgrade brings glitches with solutions learnt only from experience, so I’d not judge it too...
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Wore my trusty old ELC RW B3 in today as it’s set to get very chilly this afternoon. I wore my ELC 1942 Irvin in yesterday as the blower motor had just died in the car and it was frickin’ freezing in there and I could have hung meat in the back! But I was toasty enough. Got it fixed after work...
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    Erase writing on Lewis Leathers patch

    Hello Herresbach, You could always paint it out, if you’re artistically inclined. First employ a light sanding to remove the top layer and to get some “tooth” on the leather, then paint over with some artist acrylic paint that is carefully matched to the correct shade- and, once dried, do the...
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    Paint splatters on leather jackets

    A great post this, and one that will surely help someone out there find an otherwise great jacket that most would snub - and with some TLC could be picked up relatively cheaply and restored! Great stuff.
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    Well...it finally happened!

    Hello DD, Well, you are not alone, mon ami. And I'm still laid off from the hospital but am very busy every day around the house with the animals (8 dogs, 3 cats, chickens and ducks) and the property (sanding and waterproofing the deck, lots of yard work, painting the upstairs landing, ceilings...
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    The Real McCoys A-2 MJ12103

    Bullseye! Thanks for posting. It’s always nice to see a nice A2! That one is bang on!
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    Buzz Rickson´s B-15D

    Hello Patton, Thank you for the kind comments and I'm glad that you found my post. I hope it helps you. The nylon is stunning - and it's funny how the colour shifts depending on light sources and locations. The reason for the metamerism is in the weft and the weave of the fabric and how it...
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    Buzz Rickson´s B-15D

    Hello Patton and welcome, I have the Buzz B-15D (bought it 3 years ago) and, like you, hoped it would be more on the grey side of grey-green. However, it is that green-grey that you see and it does depend on the light. But the green hue compliments the grey and the colour is killer, regardless...
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    Just when you thought you had seen it all . . . (Warning: Not for the fainthearted)

    Oh, Ton. You kill me. I cracked up hard at what you wrote there!! And indeed. Horrendous. As bad as the movie.
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    Just when you thought you had seen it all . . . (Warning: Not for the fainthearted)

    I suppose the outfit is for people or puppets like Cuddles. Cuddles The Comfort Doll is just one of the cast of puppets in a little known Canadian comedy called "Puppets Who Kill" and it's about criminal puppets residing in a halfway house in Toronto while Dan, the hapless social worker, tries...
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    Just when you thought you had seen it all . . . (Warning: Not for the fainthearted)

    OMG. The 70's: The decade that fashion forgot. Lordy. It took me a while to find the massive collars on that! I mean, they just blend in, big as they are! It's tragic that some poor animal(s) gave their hides for ... that.
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    Just when you thought you had seen it all . . . (Warning: Not for the fainthearted)

    Y'know, when the news in this increasingly neurotic world seems to be getting too much and I feel a sense of hopelessness and despondency creeping up, I tell you, this thread is the perfect antidote! I can rely on it to always make me laugh out loud ... and laughter is the best medicine, as they...
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    Sheepskin or Shearling lined , Seeking advice

    ...and you may wish to ask Aero for some sheepskin swatches so that you can gauge what the colours are like and the thicknesses of the B-3 sheepskin versus the B-6 and get a feel for it. It'll give you a tactile sense of the options and maybe help your decision. And you're very welcome. Good...
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    AERO MAXWELL with some mods

    Style! It fits you a treat, Sir, and is pure class. You and Aero nailed the fit. It's a jacket you could dress up with chinos, shirt and tie, or down with jeans and a T. Either way, it's a winner and suits you. That explains your smile! Thanks for posting.
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    Sheepskin or Shearling lined , Seeking advice

    Hello KMM, I live about 50K north of Toronto in a rural area outside of the GTA (we just got cable! We have a septic, have a well, etc) , so I get the mild temperatures that you state, but of course, being rural, it's colder than the city at nights. And I get the enduring appeal of the ANJ-4. I...
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    Welcome Peacoat Behind the Bar!

    Good to be able to call you "bar keep", Peacoat, and to know we have someone so able and knowledgable tending bar and keeping order. Cheers!

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