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    FOR SALE 7 3/8 Stetson Nutria Quality and No. 1 Quality

    Lovely set of Stetsons...just my size too
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    FS: US authentic horsehide jacket brown

    These are heavy duty, pigment dyed horsehide that can take a beating. It is not the prettiest leather out there, but it is tough. Once broken in, they really shape up nicely. Excellent beater jacket.
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    WTB Aero Half Belt in 48 or 50

    Be patient. I came to the lounge looking for the same thing and found a Pioneer in size 48 that I really like. Larger sized jackets seem to pop up here in groups. Keep looking and happy hunting!
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    FS: Custom Aero CXL Horse Hide Brown Maxwell. Size 44

    This one shouldn't last long. The custom back on the jacket sets it off! If only it were a 48. GLWS
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    IC/FS: Freewheelers Sunset Jet Black Deerskin - 40 New

    That's a damn nice jacket.
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    For sale Vanson Ike, rare brown hh size xl

    Congrats. You beat me to that one... Enjoy!
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    FS: Eastman Californian sz. 46

    Very nice. If only it were a 48... GLWS
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    Picked up this Aero Teamster from Thurston Bros Stock

    Well done! Looks awesome. I am a sucker for a button up jacket.
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    Aero Leather Jacket Size 48 - Brown FQHH

    Thanks for the kind words. I am pleased with the fit but it will fit much better once it has broken in. I will have to wait a while to get started on that. With the solstice behind us, the days will get shorter and the summer heat will eventually give way to cooler temps. Six months of the...
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    Aero Leather Jacket Size 48 - Brown FQHH

    Many thanks for commodorekorns for a fantastic transaction. I paid him on a Friday. He shipped on Saturday and I had the jacket Monday morning. I really like the jacket and look forward to breaking it in. I discovered the lounge looking for horsehide jackets in 48 or 50. It is comforting to...

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