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  1. MitchellFW

    Show us your vintage home!

    Our house is fairly old (1940's) and has a few original features but someone did a big "update" in the 1980's and put in a new kitchen. It was in pretty bad condition when we moved in so we decided to replace it with something more fitting with the period of the house. Not true vintage...
  2. MitchellFW

    “WTF’ Hats,” that are hard to believe...

    What always astounded me was the Fendi Umbrella Hat at nearly $400.00...
  3. MitchellFW

    Another Who does ‘Round the Clock Vintage

    I wouldn't mind living full vintage 24/7. It just wouldn't be practical for where I live, my household income, and the needs of my spouse and myself, especially with my myriad of subtle health issues. I also find myself oddly tall and thin (6'2" at 150 lbs) making vintage clothing my size near...
  4. MitchellFW

    Comment by 'MitchellFW' in article 'Seven-Plus Films to Watch For the Vintage'

    I always liked "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" for the late twenties.
  5. MitchellFW

    How would you earn a living?

    Well, I'm currently in retail, so that profession might still suit me well. Even more so, considering my personal style always seems to throw the younger people off these days. Failing that, my family had a fair bit of money before the 1970's, so I might just live off them, or marry well with...
  6. MitchellFW

    Men rings - How to choose? What do you wear?

    I used to wear two rings, one on each middle finger, daily in my youth. Although, ever since I got married my wedding ring has been the only one I wear, it's a white gold sort of neo-art-deco fashion with a sapphire so I feel that's glitzy enough these days, if not a little over-bearing for my...
  7. MitchellFW

    Males, do you part/manage your hair everyday?

    I have naturally fluffy hair, so I wash my hair only once and week and use coconut oil to try and tame the frizz, and then Murrays pomade to set everything in place. Takes a few minutes every morning after that, but I do have to re-wet, comb, and part my hair every morning (I apparently toss...
  8. MitchellFW

    Staring at the wall... good thing I had it frescoed.

    Staring at the wall... good thing I had it frescoed.

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