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  1. HodgePodge

    Peaky Blinders

    Many thanks, HBK.
  2. HodgePodge

    Peaky Blinders

    This is a few episodes late, but did anyone happen to recognize the music playing in the background at Aunt Polly's birthday party at the Garrison? I've tried the show's BBC page, but that only lists the modern artists.
  3. HodgePodge

    What is your favorite Scotch Whisky?

    I've wanted to try it ever since I watched Band of Brothers too, but the brand doesn't seem to be available here. You should be able to order it online, my go-to, Te Bheag Nan Eiliean, is made by the same distillery. A few years ago I got a bottle of Aberlour 10 for Christmas. I sipped my...
  4. HodgePodge

    The Yoga Pants trend

    Sooo, at the outset of the thread you argue for "live and let live," but now we should wear what everyone else wears? We should follow trends, follow the pack like all the other trend-whores that just wear what Abercrombie, GAP, Tommy, etc. tell us to wear season to season, because otherwise we...
  5. HodgePodge

    Most depressing song you know?

    Off the top of my head, a contest between this http://youtu.be/lwti4feAA6k and this http://youtu.be/9_sJnEX57Pw
  6. HodgePodge

    What is your favorite aircraft of all time?

    Not that model, really. The dorsal "hump" and the waist gun positions, and use of a ventral gun turret on the P108 are very evocative of the B-17, both of which are absent on the FW200. The FW200 has the "bath tub" bombardier's/ventral gun position, P108 and B-17 both use the nose-cone...
  7. HodgePodge

    Going sockless in the summer

    No need to go about assailing your stockings with scissors; they make "loafer socks" so you can achieve the no-sock look, without actually being sockless.
  8. HodgePodge

    What are you listening to?

  9. HodgePodge

    P-51 Vs Bobber

    Flying around in a Mustang all day to meet beautiful women who ride motorcycles, where do I sign up?! He's wearing the chronomat because he's afraid of getting a scratch on his Patek Philippe. :P
  10. HodgePodge

    Show us your Guns!

    Indeed. A friend of the family collects. He showed me a revolver that had been "over there" that had 4 lines scored onto the grip. To tally what? nobody knows...
  11. HodgePodge

    What are you listening to?

  12. HodgePodge

    30's Style tweed pants

    Hah, instead of non-functional details like cuff buttons that don't unbutton, pocket flaps that don't conceal pockets, or epaulettes that don't button down, we can have invisible details, i.e. turn-up cuffs where nobody can see them. :p
  13. HodgePodge

    Got this in the mail this morning...

    Better yet, an F-82 "Twin Mustang."
  14. HodgePodge

    Got this in the mail this morning...

    Oh.....mah.....gawd..... That would have been breathtaking to attend.
  15. HodgePodge

    Help me date these NOS spade sole shoes

    I don't know much 'bout anythin', but I'm good with google.... logo shoe-horn with same logo Craddock Terry Shoe Corp.
  16. HodgePodge

    Japanese Type 89 Medium Tank

    That's a longer barrel, but it's not a larger calibre. (Most) Stuarts only had a 37mm, while the Type 89 has a 57mm
  17. HodgePodge

    Big Band concerts back in the day

    Off topic, but... I used to listen to that, and loved it, but then I started being in the car at the same time of day as that STUPID "standards" show that has little to nothing to do with the theme of the channel (the hosts voice and tone drive me batty, and he plays all sorts of 60s junk)...
  18. HodgePodge

    Wing tip shoes

    Whoops, guess I should have been more specific. I hadn't meant the Docs in particular, I was referring to just "mall" dress shoes, like a pair of run-of-the-mill Rockports. There's a guy that works in the mens dept. at The Bay here in town that has a pair of those Docs. He likes to recount...
  19. HodgePodge

    Wing tip shoes

    Those shoes can still be "resoled," just not in the proper GYwelt fashion. The cobbler just grinds down the old sole and glues a new one on. Not saying it's the best option, but it is an option.
  20. HodgePodge

    Hat + Brylcreem

    "And his brown hat, fixed square-shaped the way all the cakes were wearing them, was old and greasy from the stacomb that he smeared on his hair every day." - James T. Farrell, "A Jazz-Age Clerk" (1932) From what I've seen over in the Hats section, sweatbands and liners can be replaced if...

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