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  1. Johnnysan

    New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

    Hello all, I'm a long-absent returning member (looks like I last posted in 2014!) Since then, like most of you, I've had a LOT of life events, most notably a bout with cancer (all good now), retirement (highly recommended), and a daughter who'll be off to university later this year to finish...
  2. Johnnysan

    Spectator Shoes for Sale - Size 12M and 13M

    One pair gone...other moved to eBay.
  3. Johnnysan

    Spectator Shoes for Sale - Size 12M and 13M

    Hello all, I haven't posted in sometime, but wanted to give folks at the Lounge the first shot at these before they move to eBay. A job change a few years ago has resulted in my dressing much more conservatively than I had and I find that much of my wardrobe is now unused. Among the...
  4. Johnnysan

    9mm or 45cal

    WOW...beautiful revolver, Renault. I've also seen the Thunder Ranch version of the Model 22 and really want to get my hands on one of these. How's the recoil?
  5. Johnnysan

    9mm or 45cal

    Me too...BTW, what is the model number of that S&W. I want one...just like that!
  6. Johnnysan

    Were there no 6'2" people born before the 1950's?

    I agree...but it's not just limited to vintage. I look around and see a LOT of big corn-fed boys that look just like me, but whenever I go to buy clothes, it's like shopping in the boy's department. And worse, it seems that lots of retailers and manufacturers seem to believe that all big guys...
  7. Johnnysan

    This is just painful to watch

    OY...I need a drink.
  8. Johnnysan

    Wolverine Montgomery - any experiences?

    I, for one, appreciate this thread. I have been planning to purchase either a pair of Red Wing IRs or Wolverine Montgomerys and have found the information here to be exactly on point as to the questions I've had about each boot. I have a local Red Wing dealer near me and I like the fact...
  9. Johnnysan

    9mm or 45cal

    One must also remember that the .38 round in question was the .38 Long Colt...the cartridge made famous for its inability to stop Moro tribesmen during the Philippine Insurrection. The lack of stopping power of that round was primarily responsible, in large part, for the development of the more...
  10. Johnnysan

    9mm or 45cal

    Exactly my point. Training and familiarity with the weapon in your hand is exactly what makes the difference when the shooter is under stress...not the number of grains of powder behind the round or the size of the projectile that hopefully hits the mark. Granted, those two factors are...
  11. Johnnysan

    9mm or 45cal

    I like the way you think, brother! :D
  12. Johnnysan

    9mm or 45cal

    With the exception of military and law enforcement personnel, I'm always left to wonder why the issue of "stopping power" is such a determining factor in the purchase of a handgun. I understand the thought that if confronted in a "deadly force" situation, an individual will want to stack the...
  13. Johnnysan

    Pajamas in public...

    Yes. Yes, yes and yes. :eusa_clap
  14. Johnnysan

    The very best image of yourself

    With my daughter, a few years ago...
  15. Johnnysan

    Opinions Please, Old Salt Glazed Beer(?) Bottle

    Glad to have helped, Atticus. Cool bottle! The wife and I have a bottle of mead in the basement that we've been waiting for a long time to try. Given your recommendation, maybe this weekend will be the time!
  16. Johnnysan

    This or That

    Naples. Chesterfield or Lucky Strikes?
  17. Johnnysan

    Opinions Please, Old Salt Glazed Beer(?) Bottle

    HP's lead makes sense...I'm wondering if this was indeed a bottle containing Mead? EDIT: I think that we've hit it on the head...see this link for some other examples from the Johnston Co of Philadelphia.
  18. Johnnysan

    Coffee, grind your own?

    Definitely! Not every day, but it really makes for a great pot of coffee and for special occassions, we break out the french press. We're not sold on any particular brand or roast, but have become quite fond of Cafe Brit's Dark roast.
  19. Johnnysan

    Pipe Smokers Unite!

    I second your opinion of Iwan Ries in Chicago. Don't be fooled by the shabby first-floor entrance...the smoking lounge there is not to be missed!
  20. Johnnysan

    Victorian Antique Bed conversion

    That's a beautiful bit of work, Bond...very well done! :eusa_clap

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