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  1. David Conwill

    Deco Deliveries

    We are in the process of reviving our Deco Delivery (actually a 1936 Chevrolet panel truck) at work!
  2. David Conwill

    Your golden-era model railroads!

    What @Davy Crockett said. I don't reply a lot, but I enjoy the updates.
  3. David Conwill

    What are you Writing?

    Thanks, @MikeKardec ! I've read most of your father's adventure stories and love them--they inspired what I'm working on now, though I've gone with a bit of a science-fiction/lost-civilization twist. I'll seek out the Lost Treasures Postscript Edition.
  4. David Conwill

    What are you Writing?

    A new implies the existence of previous novels. Anything we can buy in print someplace? I'm an aspiring adventure novelist myself and I like to read in the genre and support authors!
  5. David Conwill

    Hand-Crank Coffee Grinders

    Well, it only took a dozen years, but I finally ordered a coffee grinder. Thanks for the advice, folks!
  6. David Conwill

    What do you use to shave?

    Edward's question is timely. I'm traditionally a wet shaver and haven't used an electric razor since I was a teenager, but working from home has affected my grooming habits and I'd like to buy one to kinda keep the stubble short.
  7. David Conwill

    What Pipe Tobacco Are You Smoking Today ?

    Currently I have some Borkum Riff Cherry Cavendish, which is pretty good; an excellent local blend called Green Mountain (it's heavy on the Latakia, though, so it's not an every-time smoke); and some Haunted Bookshop, which tastes like cigarettes. I haven't really spent much time with my pipe in...
  8. David Conwill

    Now Forming! the Campaign Hat Corps

    Wow, what an unflattering description.
  9. David Conwill

    What are you Writing?

    Fabulous news! Congratulations, AmateisGal!
  10. David Conwill

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    On a somewhat related note, I'm trying to research vehicular culinary methods--like the manifold cookers available for the Ford Model T. Anyone familiar with others?
  11. David Conwill

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    Butter noodles were a staple in our house for a long time and for similar reasons. Tasty stuff, though we haven't had them in a while now.
  12. David Conwill

    Indiana Jones V

    Is that a prequel, featuring Indy just after his service in the Great War? ;)
  13. David Conwill

    The Cap Faction

    I did a bit of looking and wasn't able to find it. Did we ever get to see photos of this one? I'm looking for a winter cap with ear flaps* and it's always good to have a bit of inspiration. (*What I'd really like is a USAAC A-1 Mechanic's Cap, but I'm not holding my breath.)
  14. David Conwill

    What are you Writing?

    Thanks, Tom, I will likely take you up on that! Summer is my busy season at work, so I've made little progress recently, but it's never far from my mind.
  15. David Conwill

    What are you Writing?

    I guess I never contributed what I'm working on for this. I'm a magazine writer, so I'm constantly writing, but I also started work on a book that has come along quite a ways at this point. It's called The Secret of the Moai and it's set in the South Pacific in the early 1930s. It's adventure...
  16. David Conwill

    Giant Pith Helmet Thread of Doom

    Better get some electrolytes!
  17. David Conwill

    Your golden-era model railroads!

    That was a fun tour! Man, do I hear you about having too many hobbies for one's pay grade. Thanks for doing that.
  18. David Conwill

    Classic Safari vehicles!

    All three.
  19. David Conwill

    Classic Safari vehicles!

    You and me both. Somebody on here had an Aero Barnstormer done in cloth and it was quite similar.
  20. David Conwill

    Classic Safari vehicles!

    Here's an interesting vehicle that recently came up on the Hemmings blog. Safari is probably not the right term, but it certainly seems intended for some kind of expedition.

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