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  1. mourazav

    Hampton vs. Whippet

    Hey everyone. So I'm deciding on either getting an Akubra Hampton or a Whippet but I have no idea what the difference is between the two of them. Does anyone know the brim width and crown height on either of them?
  2. mourazav

    Stetson Pisa

    Hey all, i was looking at a Stetson Pisa and was wondering if anybody had one and if so, what they thought of it.
  3. mourazav

    Grand Rapids, MI?

    Hey all, I've purchased an Akubra Federation Deluxe in April and have gotten an urge to purchase another fedora, one that I can wear more often and that will go with much more of my attire. I was wondering if anybody knows if there is any stores in Grand Rapids, MI that sells Stetsons. I've been...
  4. mourazav

    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    Just got an email from Hatsdirect.com. They say the Federation Deluxe IV will be available early to mid April. Dang, I was planning on wearing it in Florida two weeks from now. Oh well, patience is a virtue.
  5. mourazav

    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom. I've just ordered my first fedora, an Akubra Federation Deluxe. Luckily they had it in my size. Again, thank you for all your help and when I get it, I'll post pictures. Thanks again!
  6. mourazav

    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    I think I've finally made my decision. At this point I think I'm going to go with the Akubra Federation Deluxe. I've heard great things about it. Does anybody know how long the wait is usually for one of these babies?
  7. mourazav

    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    Is there a big difference in quality between the AB and the Federation Deluxe?
  8. mourazav

    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    I've taken a look at them but you have to bash them yourself and I'm new at this. I'm a little intimidated. Also, another question, are all these hats stiff like the piece of crap that I bought earlier, or should I not be worried?
  9. mourazav

    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    I also just found Lee Kepler's Adventurestyle Indy Fedora. Does anyone have any info on them?
  10. mourazav

    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    Do you know how long it will take to receive it once ordered?
  11. mourazav

    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    Hey everyone. I'm new to hats but I've always wanted one like my dad and grandpa. They've worn Stetson's but with the new Indiana Jones movie coming out, its revamped my urge to get one. I'm specifically looking for an Indiana Jones style fedora. I bought the official one while at Disney, but to...

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