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    Nutria Vs Beaver for Western hat

    The Nutria and Beaver felt from the two companies are the same price. The Beaver is sourced from Ukraine but isn't due to arrive until christmas. I was wondering if beaver is better, and if so, is it better enough to justify 4 months of waiting?
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    Nutria Vs Beaver for Western hat

    I also forgot to mention, I'm looking for a very stiff hard hat. The finish doesn't really matter, I'm not that picky as it's my first real hat.
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    Nutria Vs Beaver for Western hat

    I got this from another forum, someone posted an email from their felter. "We use Nutria fur on a regular basis to mix with Beaver fur and do a quality we call CN (CastorNutria) on a 50/50 % blend. Nutria fur is the almost similar to Beaver, but Beaver is still much better. Price of Nutria...
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    Nutria Vs Beaver for Western hat

    Hi, I'm currently in the talks with a member on here about creating a fully western rugged hat. My only question is whether or not to go with 100% beaver, offered by the millinery warehouse in 210g western weight, or 100% coypu (nutria) offered by sunrise hat supplies in 220g western weight.

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