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    Aero Hooch Hauler - Brown CXL FQHH - 2 month review

    Great write-up. I just got a vintage aero in the same material and color. Interesting to see it new. Fit-wise I think it is just about right. Sleeves should hit a little bit down the hand like that, for driving or riding. I think they're about right in the pics. Jacket length is tricky with...
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    Should I get rid of the following jackets?

    Some nice jackets there. The board racer looks best of all of them on you. The side zip is too big in the shoulders. The sheepskin...if it's worth good money I'd sell. I've gone back and forth on shearling, went on a Sawyer of Napa jag several years ago. I guess the patch thing reminds me of the...
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    Aero Motorcycle Jacket -- Some Questions

    Aero checks in here? I really have to get some daytime pics. It looks like 10 miles of bad road in these pics, but in "real life" not at all. Strange.
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    Aero Motorcycle Jacket -- Some Questions

    Thanks. I can't find anything like that. I took some close up/detail pics. There is some corrosion on the metal. I haven't had Talons quite like this one before. Headscratcher.
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    Aero Motorcycle Jacket -- Some Questions

    UPDATE: The jacket has softened up a lot. I think it was so stiff because I had it hanging in my mud room, which has been quite cold. So, now it's still very heavy but much more pliable. Still doesn't photograph well; I'll try natural light tomorrow. Hi all, I bought an Aero side zip...
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    Thoughts on leather of Schott leather jackets!

    "One thing is for sure that iv heard multiple times by Gail, Jerri, and many others at Schott. Although the naked cowhide is untreated like the steer, it is a MUCH MORE QUALITY HIDE, more supple, with little to no imperfections in the skin primary because its a naked hide. " That's been my...
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    Fit check five different schott leather jackets

    OP, looks like you're a good candidate for vintage Schott. Go bigger in the sizing but you'll still get shorter sleeves and jacket length. That's what I do, since none of their new stuff fits me. I think it's pre-90s but it could be earlier/later that they changed the patterns. Gail at Schott is...
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    Wesco Boot Thread.

    Hi, the Boss (yes that's black tie domain) in the first pic is the regular heel with a couple of rows removed. Lowered a bit. You can do that with almost any Wesco stacked heel boot up to (I think) 1/2 inch. Check with them to be sure. If you go past a certain point they have to use another...
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    Wesco Boot Thread.

    The MP is a sleeker looking toe, but one should size down a half size since it is longer and wider, size for size, than the regular toe. I have pics of a few (not brown) , which I'll post:
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    Wesco Boot Thread.

    I have Wescos in black (oiled), black tie domain, brown domain and burgundy domain. I really like the standard black oiled. It's nice and thick and matte. However, the black tie domain "pops" among my boots. It's the Boss boot and it looks like the boss. Something about that leather -- even my...
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    Cowboy Boots

    "I'm surprised Black Jacks aren't more well known. Really well made boot at a reasonable price. Just hard to find a brick and mortar store east of the Mississippi that carries them." It may be that they don't offer as good a margin, or that customers usually have to wait weeks for them? I was...
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    Cowboy Boots

    "Friends don't let friends wear Ariats!" I can't believe there are China made cowboy boots. That was a shock when I set out to buy a pair after nearly 20 years. Your Paul Bonds really do look elegant. My new Black Jack nubucks have a similar line I should take some pictures. You can certainly...
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    Combination last on Aldens and AEs.

    I have AEs built on the five last and they run pretty wide, but that's what I wanted. If you need, say, a narrow heel and wider toe-box you'd be SOL with AE, but for standard b/d or c/e type sizing, there should be a solution. Some of their lasts are notorious for running narrow. Check out the...
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    Hanover L.B Sheppard Longwings.

    I love the horse ass leather, especially in color #8. Those Hanovers look nice!
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    Cowboy Boots

    Got my first pair of Black Jacks. Yes, they are quite nice!
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    Which of the Old Quality Shoe Brands Do You Love Most?

    Florsheims are my favorites. They manage to be sleek and masculine at the same time, very American shoe. The older (70s early 80s) ones have the shield logo inside; newer ones have "big letters" Florsheim logo. All Imperials have the green stitching inside and say "Florsheim Imperial" in the...
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    How is the length of this jacket?

    Yes, the new ones don't have the same quality zippers -- those old USA made Talons. I have decent YKKs on one and a "Talon" that's OK on a newer, Asian market Schott. It's too bad that they are jammed with custom orders and can't help you. I've had mixed results calling them about vintage stuff...
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    Visiting Aero Leathers

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was wondering about. My local tailor won't touch heavy leather. I figure Aero would be the best bet, and even with an upcharge would still be cheaper than ordering custom. Awesome, thanks!
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    Combination last on Aldens and AEs.

    It depends on the last as much as the manufacturer/brand. If you go to AE's site you'll see they have a bunch of different lasts. Some are notorious for running narrow, while others typically run wide. Same with Alden, where for instance the Barrie last is huge and many people order a size down...
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    Visiting Aero Leathers

    Thanks for the tour report and congrats on your jackets. Quick question, does Aero do alterations on their ready-mades? I've been tempted by a couple of their for sale items but the arms are usually a bit long. The custom made stuff is much more money, and in USD looks even scarier.

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