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  1. lci419

    Vintage Royal Stetson

    PM sent
  2. lci419

    Advice needed! Tan suit and black shirt?

    Work it right, and with the proper accessories, you can make the company regret their decision...
  3. lci419

    A Toast To The Bartenders

    Thanks for that heads up...the white background was driving me batty!
  4. lci419

    Formal Wear Primer

    I'd like to get some thoughts/opinions of others on this. I've got a function coming up in a few days where I'll be wearing my 30's DB peak lapel tuxedo. I know ideally you are to wear a black Homburg with this ensemble, but I don't have one, nor do I really look good in them. I've tried and I...
  5. lci419

    Mapledoram Suits on Etsy...any experiences?

    The other day I stumbled across a UK based company on Etsy named Mapledoram. They are making suits for $357 (US) which don't "appear" to be too bad, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them. I can't find anything about them other than their Etsy listings, and naturally, I...
  6. lci419

    Buying a flange

    Points well taken...the reality is I only have one hat with a brim that's 3" wide, most are around 2 1/2-2 5/8. I'll just keep my eyes open and cash ready! :)
  7. lci419

    Buying a flange

    Thanks for the responses. I was afraid it would be more complicated than it would at first appear. :eusa_doh: I may just start out with a wider brim width and see what that nets me, then go from there. I like the concept of the one with a flatter front than back, but I'm guessing those are a...
  8. lci419

    Buying a flange

    I need some advice. I'm looking at buying a flange so I can reshape my own snap brims a bit more professionally without having to ship it off or leave it with someone. The brims on my hats vary in width from around 2 3/8"-3". I note that there are apparently different styles of flanges such as...
  9. lci419

    Vintage style, crew neck, undershirts?

  10. lci419

    Reproduction classic workwear

    Okay, here's a hint to you aspiring clothiers out there. If you want to sell product, stop with the "cool" photography/illustration nonsense! If I'm going to buy something (particularly at the prices you are likely charging) I want to see the item! I don't want to see it wadded up, hidden behind...
  11. lci419

    FS: Reproduction Type II Service Shoes 12 D (Same as 30's Work Boots fm Sears)

    I just listed these on Ebay in case anyone is interested. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270791784915
  12. lci419


    I just received the Stetson Royal Deluxe hat today and have to say I am very thrilled with it. It is a beautiful hat that I am positive I will enjoy for years to come. Thanks again Justdog.
  13. lci419

    FS: Reproduction Type II Service Shoes 12 D (Same as 30's Work Boots fm Sears)

    I have a pair of WWII Impressions Type II Service shoes for sale. I am jettisoning off gear I don't need and these fit the bill. They are used, with a small degree of wear but in a VERY SERVICEABLE condition. There are no big gouges in the leather, no loose stitching, and the soles have little...
  14. lci419

    Reproduction classic workwear

    Okay, I'm about to blow a gasket over these. Apparently J.C. Penney's only employs imbeciles, because I can't even get a person on the phone who has even heard of "Big Mac." :rage: I have called every J.C. Penney's in a 75 mile radius and everyone acts like I'm from another planet for asking...
  15. lci419

    Reproduction classic workwear

    I wouldn't even begin to trade my $50 Pointer railroad jacket for that...
  16. lci419

    Reproduction classic workwear

    Thanks, that gives me an idea of what I'm looking at.
  17. lci419

    Reproduction classic workwear

    Well, just my luck...I drove about 20 miles to the closest J.C. Penney's and they didn't have them. In fact, the folks in the department didn't even really recognize the "Big Mac" name (it's only been their house brand for what, 100 years?). Went to the catalog department and the guy there said...
  18. lci419

    Reproduction classic workwear

    Ah...that would explain it. Thanks.
  19. lci419

    Reproduction classic workwear

    Where did you find these? I can't locate them on their website.

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