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  1. Gin&Tonics

    Show us your Guns!

    Star Model B, supplied by the Facist Spaniards to Germany in the 1940s for use by rear echelon and police units.
  2. Gin&Tonics

    What are you wearing today??

    Great looks on both photos! I love that white suit. And those shoes on the first shot! Why can't I find shoes like that!? Awesome.
  3. Gin&Tonics

    Show us your Thrift and/or yard sale finds

    Found this awesome jacket at Goodwill, 50% off: Check out the details! Flapped patch pockets with pleats?! Belted action back?! Be still my heart! Even though it's a little big for me, how could I say no to this amazing vintage inspired jacket for only $7.99? I'm hoping for good things from...
  4. Gin&Tonics

    Vintage style-new pants

    I want pretty much everything on Vecona Vintage lol Of course the prices make me want to faint...if only I had that kind of cash to spend!
  5. Gin&Tonics

    What Do You Sound Like?

    I'm not an American, I'm Canadian, but I do live on the west coast, so I guess the test is accurate in saying I have the non-accent of "the west." I will say, though, that folks from Washington State do say strange things like pronouncing "roof" as "ruff" and "turbine" as "turban."
  6. Gin&Tonics

    Why were the 70s such a tacky decade?

    Hey! I was born in 1982 and I LOVED Disney's Robin Hood :P I fully admit that the music made no sense from a historical perspective, but if you really think about it, it fit perfectly with the tone and narrative of the film itself. It captured the mood and the experience of the primary...
  7. Gin&Tonics

    Show us your Thrift and/or yard sale finds

    Not terribly vintage looking, but given how painfully slim the pickings in 100% linen are around here, I had to go with it. The colour initially seemed odd, but I find it growing on me. With the side vents, decent fit and not-terribly-thin lapels, I rather like it I think. At least it will...
  8. Gin&Tonics

    Summer style...how do you keep it when the heat kicks up?

    The line between clothing and costume is measured in sincerity and panache.
  9. Gin&Tonics

    Summer style...how do you keep it when the heat kicks up?

    I think there are a few ways you could get away with it. Firstly, you'd have to be on some kind of adventure in the wilderness, like perhaps if you were off doing a summer hike in the mountains or a river canoeing expedition or something, and you'd have to have one heck of an awesome outfit to...
  10. Gin&Tonics

    What are you wearing today??

    I love everything about this ensemble. Absolutely fantastic! Your attention to detail is smashing.
  11. Gin&Tonics

    What are you wearing today??

    Way to start em off right, Big Man! :D She's absolutely adorable.
  12. Gin&Tonics

    Amusing quotes from people mis-dating you

    I've tried to no avail to explain to my wife and her family the difference between a sport coat and trousers and a suit. lol I very often get compliments from random strangers when I dress in vintage-inspired style, some extremely enthusiastic. I don't think I've ever had a negative comment, to...
  13. Gin&Tonics

    The Passing Away of John Erickson, Fellow Lounger and Friend to Many.

    How awful. I always enjoyed John's posts and he struck me, though I only knew him in passing through the Lounge, to be a classy gentleman. The world is all the less for his loss. Condolences to the family. :(
  14. Gin&Tonics

    How'd You Get Where You Are?

    I was born into a middle class but not terribly well off family in a fairly affluent suburb of Vancouver. My parents were both in the hotel business when I was born, in fact mom was dad's secretary at the hotel where they both worked at the time. Both were high school graduates, but neither had...
  15. Gin&Tonics

    How many suits do you own?

    How many suits do I own? Hmmmm let's see....it's not many... I have a navy blue three piece in gabardine that was made-to-measure (my favourite suit), a three piece POW check that dates from the 1970's but is the spitting image of a 1940's suit owned by Splintercellz (probably my second...
  16. Gin&Tonics

    Show us their suits

    It's a very splendid suit, but I would prefer if he showed some cuff. Minor point though, they both look splendid! This very much reminds me of a shot of my grandparents taken in 1925. Every time I see these kinds of shots of young folks, it reminds me how much class and elegance has been...
  17. Gin&Tonics

    1920s suits

    I would LOVE a suit like this. The summer is a time of suffering for me, as I have no suits that wear cool enough to put on in the sweltering heat. I would definitely need a very airy linen, seersucker or perhaps a super breathable lightweight wool. You simply don't find suits like that here...
  18. Gin&Tonics

    The Green Suit

    I'm actually quite fond of green suits/jackets. I own a lovely green blazer in 100% cashmere, and it's awesome. I like to pair it with black trousers with a cuff, and usually with some kind of waistcoat (usually my crimson canvas one). I would definitely wear more green and brown suits...
  19. Gin&Tonics

    Show us their suits

    This image screams Hercle Poirot to me; very reminiscent of the incomparable David Suchet. Also, I personally see a striking resemblance to a younger Liam Neeson in the face. Awesome photo. :)
  20. Gin&Tonics

    Show us their suits

    that young gentleman is a case-study in what perfect trouser length looks like. They also drape beautifully. The only thing that seems a bit off to me is the width of the trouser leg vs the very fitted silhouette of the jacket. YMMV on that of course.

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