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    New Stetson Range on the Way

    It’s on my wish list! I love the short brim with the more pronounced role. Reminds me of the hats popular in the 60s. Like Paul Newman in Hud.
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    Short Brimmed Cowboy

    As the OP that started this thread with the intent of finding a similar hat to my grandfather’s in the photo, this is all very interesting. I would consider a cowboy hat as any hat worn by a working cowboy. That has certainly changed over time, but doesn’t limit what qualifies. My Grandpa ran...
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    Short Brimmed Cowboy

    That’s very helpful. Thank you! The pic is from the late 60s. They had sale barns in northeast Oklahoma and southeast Kansas. I think this one was in Welch, OK.
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    Short Brimmed Cowboy

    This is a photo of my grandfather(back right) and his brothers at the livestock exchange they owned. All of his hats seemed much shorter brimmed than hats commonly available now. Does anyone know of a similar style hat available now? It looks like no more than a 3.5” brim. I thought maybe an OR...

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