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    WWII Myths and Misconceptions (That Need to Go Away)

    The part about Rotterdam is not entirely correct, it too is an event that is surrounded by many, many myths. It is not helped by the fact it is hard to determine the events as they happened since every person and party involved has put its own spin on it for over 75 years. The facts that I can...
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    FS Buzz Rickson’s RoughWear B-10 size 44” 220 Euro shipped****

    Hi, I´ll take this one, please.
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    WWII Khaki Trousers - Originals and Reproductions

    I´m not entirely sure what they are exactly but the Dockers Khaki´s on yoox.com appear to have the K-1 label on the back. There also seems to be a print on the cloth of the backpockets...
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    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    period colour photograph I´m not sure if this has been posted before, but I stumbled on this amazing 1941 colour photograph of a sailor in his peacoat from LIFE magazine. It´s part of a series depicting US Navy uniforms.
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    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    Thanks, I realize I was very lucky. I think I'll try to get it included in an exhibition on Maritime Clothing and its influence on fashion. I work for the local History Museum and the neighbouring Maritime Museum is planning such an exhibition with our curator of Textiles and Fashion. It will...
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    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    WWII Peacoat I'd like to thank Peacoat and everybody else in this thread and the dating sticky for the wealth of information on this great type of coat. It certainly gave me the peacoat virus and I managed to acquire a 1969 model and, this week, a WWII 8 button type. I took a bit of a...

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