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  1. Maitiu

    For Sale: Bronson USN N-1 Deck Jacket, Size 44/XXL

    I'll take it if you can answer my pm to ya:)
  2. Maitiu

    Perrone suede shirt/jack XL

    I'll take this shirt. Let me know your paypal and I'll send the money asap.
  3. Maitiu

    Who’s going to pick up this Himel Bros?

    Is Shinki that much more expensive to get that Himel has to command those prices? Sheesh that's some steep prices.
  4. Maitiu

    Interest Check - 3 Aero's and 3 Lost Worlds Leather Jackets Size 48

    Sweet Jesus that Aero Halfbelt is calling me......
  5. Maitiu

    FSOT Ship John x Langlitz Leather Vegetable Tanned Wills Large

    Size large with a 20 inch chest and 17 inch shoulders? Who's ship john making these jackets for? Supermodels?
  6. Maitiu

    Wesco Mister Lou Engineer Boots in Black Horween Horsehide 11.5D

    Too big? Too narrow? Too small? I've got the same foot size as you, I have the same sizes in every boot and sneaker you have.
  7. Maitiu

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Need some help here. I'm deciding on 2 colors. Stetson Acorn or Chocolate. I like both. But I really can't find good pictures of either color other than what's on the Stetson website. I've seen both colors at other retailers websites, but the picture quality is crap. So do any of you have...
  8. Maitiu

    Stetson Hats

    I'm hoping you experts can give me some advice on a couple hats from Stetson I'm debating on. First and foremost, is the 5x or 6x a high quality felt? I know nothing about what a 5x or 6x actually means other than it refers to the quality of felt? Is that right? Is there a big difference...
  9. Maitiu

    Tons of stuff for sale, IH, role club, 3sixteen, hestra, crockett & Jones, MF

    Sweet fancy moses I want those Role Clubs! They are my size too......My wife will divorce me if I buy another pair of boots.
  10. Maitiu

    Sugar Cane Indian Motorcycle Jacket

    Beautiful jacket! On another note, I'm surprised Polaris (owner of Indian Motorcycles in the US) hasn't bought the rights from Toyo, or maybe they have tried and failed? Polaris has strong armed a few small business's that were using their logo's to make motorcycle accessories here in the US...
  11. Maitiu

    Good Wear Hercules

    That coat looks awesome @Boyo! Congrats dude.
  12. Maitiu

    Pike Bros N1 Sizing Question

    Man, the sizing you guys are telling me is scaring me right away from getting one. It seems the sizing is all over the map.
  13. Maitiu

    Pike Bros N1 Sizing Question

    Thanks for the info @ton312! How's the room around the waist? I've developed a nice fat roll around my waist here the past couple of years,lol. Not as svelte as I used to be!
  14. Maitiu

    Pike Bros N1 Sizing Question

    Hello all, Has anyone purchased one of these recently that could tell me how these are sized? I have a 46" chest and was looking at the XL. But according to the aero website sizing, http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/photos/257525d59d11d162_Screen%20shot%202013-10-15%20at%2016.png, it appears...
  15. Maitiu

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Every time I think I've settled for the leather I want for my custom jacket, I see this black shinki leather, and I'm right back at square one, questioning what leather I should get. Awesome jacket.
  16. Maitiu

    Orgueil Cossack New

    I'm a big fan of Orgueil. That jacket looks fantastic on you.
  17. Maitiu

    New Aero D-Pocket Ridley-Blackened Brown Vicenza

    So, if I'm understanding you correctly, you're seeing more brown/patina from your black FQHH in the same period of time/wear than the BBV. In fact, you're not seeing any brown tones at all yet from the BBV?
  18. Maitiu

    Customizable alternatives to Freewheelers Brakeman?

    What a gorgeous jacket!
  19. Maitiu

    New! ELMC Jacket Highway Star®️ Horsehide

    lol, after I posted that, I was curious if anyone else besides myself isn't a fan of that style collar. It's the biggest reason why I don't have a ELMC Havana Californian in my closet right now.

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