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  1. leo

    How Many Fedoras did you see today?

    Winter in the Great Lakes region does bring out the hats ;-) Mostly stuff like watch caps, mad bomber hats, Stormy Kromers and such, but fedoras are not uncommon. A few nights ago I wore a Dobbs Temptation to the Columbus Zoo for a "Wildlights" holiday event that was so crowded you...
  2. leo

    Proper Barber Shop

    Wow, small world! I wandered out of the Hats forum for a change and found this. I have used the FC shop, actually named Barbershop, for about three years now. In fact i get free haircuts there...you buy five and get one free ;-) He's fast and does a good job. The rest of the crew is...
  3. leo

    Hat Psychology

    I'm a retired cop who is winding down a second career. Back when I was on the job, the department seemed to change hats every few years. In the uniform division I wore 8-pointers, round "bus driver" hats, winter leather/fur hats, watch caps, and even ball caps. Of course, the plainclothes...
  4. leo

    Vintage Silhouettes Custom Hats - Official Affiliate Thread

    And let's not leave out the "east side" either... Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Broadway. And if you accidentally (or intentionally) make one that is quite twisted, you could call it Lombard Street ;-)
  5. leo

    Vintage Silhouettes Custom Hats - Official Affiliate Thread

    Beale Street. Several of your hats could sport that name very well. I can hear the cry of a blues harp just looking at them.
  6. leo


    They were standard issue where I grew up in Western Michigan. Jeff Daniels, the actor and musician and lifelong resident of Michigan, has a series of webisodes on YouTube extolling his home state and the RV life. In one of the videos, called Sacred Ground, he is at the giant cap outside the...
  7. leo

    My new Hat!!!

    Somehow I missed this thread the first go round. The hat in my sig is also an Explorer that Nate made for me about five years ago. It's in the "Sahara" color. I believe there are some pics of it already on FL but here are a couple more from when it was new. Actually, it doesn't look much...
  8. leo

    The philosophy of hats

    No philosophical horsepucky about it. I grew up in a cold climate and wore hats and caps to keep warm and dry. Now I wear brimmed hats of various styles because the skin cancer surgeon who patched my face back together said bluntly, "Wear a hat." I started to offer "what if" scenarios...
  9. leo

    "Hats on a Stick ®"

    I posted this pic in the Hats on Record thread a few months ago, but it seems appropriate here:
  10. leo

    Hats in Peru

    Good pics, Blackthorn. I probably took more photos of all the great old Volkswagen Beetles than anything. The fedoras there seem to have a great combination of urban style and rugged outdoors practicality. I bet I could find a great one there but I spent my free "shopping" time looking for...
  11. leo

    Hats in Peru

    Blackthorn, thanks for the great photos. I was in Peru last month and can say that it is one of the most hat-wearing countries in the world (work takes me to all continents except Antarctica). While hatless Lima could be mistaken for Bogota or Mexico City, fedoras and such are common in...
  12. leo

    Hats With Musical Instruments

    What's handy at the moment...not all my hats...nor all my guitars, for that matter ;-) None shown are especially rare. The second fedora from the left is my favorite dress hat, a Dobbs Temptation in graphite that I bought new at least twenty years ago. The tartan Grace Hats flat cap below...
  13. leo

    Park service hat reuse?

    Random observations (based in part on street cop as well as international police training careers): When wearing that hat in a park, expect to get questions from tourists who are lost or want to know the best time to see the bears ;-) Simply wearing the hat without other related indicators...
  14. leo

    Did fedoras originate with the "upper class"?

    The sentence leads off the fedora hat section of the website for a small chain of eastern U.S. hat shops. The emphasis is theirs. "Fedora hats were born in the late 1800's as a fashion accessory to depict the upper-class." This does not seem to match info I've read on FL. Is there any truth...
  15. leo

    The Cap Faction

    Glenappin Harris tweed found in a shop in old town Alexandria, Virginia.
  16. leo

    Moving to the East Coast, Might wear the fedoras more

    I moved to NoVA last year and am not the only one wearing fedoras on the Metro, especially in cooler weather. Don't see many westerns, though. I don't wear my Nate's custom Outback as often as I should. I see the occasional panama; mostly tourists I suspect. I received a couple of nice...
  17. leo

    hatless :(

    I can attest that inexpensive hats (two felt, one straw) from VHS have lasted more than three years and get more complements than my expensive ones. Go figure!
  18. leo

    Famous Fedora Lovers

    Brian Johnson did replace his flat cap with a helmet on an episode of Top Gear, otherwise he always covered. Angus, not so much ;-)
  19. leo

    Cuff Links. When ar they ok, and when are they "too much"?

    We are all products of our local culture and upbringing. Dress shirt without jacket is the standard business attire in some close-to-the-Equator countries I've visited. I suspect there are more. On one recent trip, I and my American colleagues were the ONLY persons attending meetings in...
  20. leo

    Cuff Links. When ar they ok, and when are they "too much"?

    On a particularly groggy morning last year I went to work wearing a blue patterned shirt with fun cuff links. No tie, no jacket. I later realized I liked this look of BCB ("business casual business"). It takes a standard U.S. business casual day and kicks it up a notch. I have repeated...

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