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    White Kloud raffle

    Bought. Yeah sold out in about 45 seconds
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    White Kloud raffle

    I should add, this was the Jack and White edition.
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    White Kloud raffle

    I was lucky enough to get a pair in the raffle tonight. What happens now? Are these already made or does he still have to make them? I am very excited to get these in hand!
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    Got my first and probably only leather jacket: Real Mccoy's Buco J-100

    Hey man, nice fit! Can I ask what you height and weight is? What is your typical chest size? I am trying to decide between the 44 and 46. I usually have a 46 chest, but got the RMC A2 jacket in 44 and it fits well. Thanks in advance!
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    WTB: Real Mccoy’s Buco j100 in size 46

    I am getting a lot of scammers asking me to "email" them. Scammers, please save your time and leave me alone.
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    WTB: Real Mccoy’s Buco j100 in size 46

    Hi there Looking for this one. If you have it sitting in the closet with no love let me know. Mccoys says they are releasing more in a couple months but I lack patience. Thanks!

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