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  1. boushi_mania

    The Cap Faction

    So, I ended up ordering a new cap from Lawrence & Foster. It was partly because I wanted a grey cap to complement the one I had ordered from Bookster (in Porter & Harding's "Vintage Houndstooth" — hey, their website is still useful as a repository of different tweed patterns!), and partly...
  2. boushi_mania

    The Cap Faction

    Thank you for the link. It definitely seems as though Bookster had caps made through them... although, as the page itself suggests, it appears that Mears themselves have their caps made by someone else. As it so happens, their cap style examples happen to use the exact same images as those on...
  3. boushi_mania

    The Cap Faction

    Not to hijack the thread (especially when I haven't posted in ages), but does anyone know who made the caps for Bookster? I was all ready to buy a new one for the season, only to discover they'd gone out of business. I myself always thought their descriptions seemed uncannily similar to...
  4. boushi_mania

    Wingtip collar/ plain-front shirt (on a budget)

    I'm a little confused about what you're looking for the collar/shirt combination for. You mention Laurel and Hardy, but as far as I'm aware, they were the only people wearing wing collars with regular suits by the time they were popular. I'm not sure whether this was a deliberate comic...
  5. boushi_mania

    Bow Ties

    You don't say. Looks like one that The Cordial Churchman had a few years back (and I missed out on).
  6. boushi_mania

    Hey guys, new member here. May I get some general critiques from you gents?

    Others will probably give you more information, but for starters (in the first picture), people would wear lighter fabrics in the warmer months. You appear to be wearing tweed, and if so, I could see why you think it's too hot. Consider instead tropical-weight wool, wool/mohair, wool/silk...
  7. boushi_mania

    Brooks Brothers Clothing

    I've had good look with their dress shoes (made by Alfred Sargent and Crockett & Jones), as well as their mainline trousers in the "Madison" cut (as despite being reasonably athletic, I find their slimmer cuts are cut too narrow through the seat and thighs for my cyclist build). Might also give...
  8. boushi_mania

    How to wear a wrist watch?

    I've got a Citizen "Stiletto" Eco-Drive model for dressy occasions (it looks like this one, but with plain stainless steel hardware and a black band). It it is simple and sleek, and keeps great time; in the five years I've had it, I've only ever had to set it when changing time zones. It's about...
  9. boushi_mania

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Slightly off-topic, but what's interesting to me is that the heels on older dress shoes are either all-rubber or all-leather. Is the combination heel a more recent invention? When did it start to appear?
  10. boushi_mania

    Wing tip shoes

    The styling looks classic enough, but the construction leaves much to be desired. Not something you should expect to last more than a single season, though you're not going to find anything better for less than five or six times that price.
  11. boushi_mania

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    The construction seems decent, but the upper is a little too shiny to my eye to be full grain leather, especially with those creases. The shoes look good overall, but I wonder whether it would really be worth getting them resoled when the time comes.
  12. boushi_mania

    Gloves for Black Tie?

    Generally, smooth black leather of typical make (lambskin, deerskin, etc.) or grey chamois/suede: the two colors that harmonize with black without looking like somebody forgot to wear his tailcoat to the debutante ball. I wouldn't do tan or brown gloves with black tie, and I wouldn't attempt to...
  13. boushi_mania

    Allen Edmonds (really... are they good shoes?)

    The shoes are good quality and properly made. The problem with the Internet is, if you do a little searching, you'll find enthusiasts on any subject who will critique the flaws in the thing they're interested in, however minor. The majority of criticisms of Allen-Edmonds come out of a certain...
  14. boushi_mania

    Movember Mo - who's in?

    I had a beard for most of July and August. I think I'll be sitting out this year.
  15. boushi_mania

    What jacket to buy to go with these trousers?

    Hmm. Colorwise, something in navy worsted, brown tweed, or tan camelhair would probably complement the grey of the trousers (which look like a Donegal tweed?). For an evening out, a navy jacket would probably work best, with the darker of the shoes in the picture.
  16. boushi_mania


    It's about as heavy as you'll find in most mall shops, but it's really more of a medium weight, if anything. See Iron Heart for jeans that are much heavier.
  17. boushi_mania

    Help with wedding accessories!

    Assuming the wedding is during the day, morning dress would be a much more vintage look than a modern tuxedo (evening wear) with a non-traditional vest. Given that Steampunk is Victorian-inspired, I could imagine a morning coat and hickory-stripe trousers with a buff waistcoat (or maybe...
  18. boushi_mania

    100 years in 100 seconds

    I think that's more a product of looking at it from the standpoint of contemporaries. Ten or twenty years on, we'll be able to pick up the trends a bit more clearly. It does note the move from open, untucked shirts over t-shirts with stonewashed jeans, to down vests and baggy cargo pants, to...
  19. boushi_mania

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Even with those glorified sneakers they put out nowadays?
  20. boushi_mania

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    It helps if you specify which shoes you're talking about. If you mean the black oxfords in the post immediately preceding yours, then every man needs a pair at least once at some point in his life. Job interviews, weddings, and funerals, at a bare minimum, and more if your work involves wearing...

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