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    Minimalist Wardrobe

    It sounds like you've set a minimalist approach to your wardrobe, focusing on essentials while still incorporating a range of styles and interests. Keeping a limited number of shoes, pants, and jackets allows for versatility without overwhelming your space. This approach aligns with your broader...
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    The wrist watch.

    As watch preferences vary among enthusiasts, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. Some may prefer wearing vintage timepieces for their historical significance and unique character, while others may opt for modern watches that emulate the style of classic designs but offer the convenience of...
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    Quality of Saint Laurent Wyatt Harness boots?

    I am really interested in these boots, but I have a question about the sizing and fit. I wear a size 9.5. I called YSl and was told by their customer service rep that those boots run a little small and I should size up half a size(or a full size for wider feet). I've looked around online and...
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    Seeking Advice on Yellow Gold Gemstone Rings

    Thank you in advance for any help
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    Seeking Advice on Yellow Gold Gemstone Rings

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in the market for a yellow gold gemstone ring and could use some guidance. I've been admiring the timeless elegance of yellow gold, but I'm uncertain about which gemstone would complement it best. I've considered sapphires, citrines, and even yellow diamonds, but...
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    Seeking Advice: Wedding Furniture Question

    no response to this
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    Seeking Unique Gift Ideas!

    thanks in advance for any help
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    Seeking Unique Gift Ideas!

    Hey everyone, I'm on the hunt for some unique gift ideas and could use your help! I've got a friend's birthday coming up, and I want to surprise them with something truly special. They're into outdoor adventures, photography, and cooking, but I'm open to any suggestions. Whether it's a DIY...
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    Seeking Advice: Wedding Furniture Question

    thanks in advance for any help
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    Seeking Advice: Wedding Furniture Question

    Hey everyone, I'm planning my wedding and could use some advice regarding furniture rentals. We're trying to decide whether to rent furniture from a company or to buy it ourselves and resell it afterward. Does anyone have experience with either option? I'm torn between the convenience of...
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    Turquoise/Native American jewelry

    Probably bought in Arizona, cannot find the mark online, it is I guess an A space Mc? Haven't cleaned it up, sorry. Also, when searching eBay I see some jewelry marked "old pawn". What does that mean? Thanks.
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    Backpacks - need some ideas...

    I'm in the market for a travel laptop backpack that would be fine to carry on a plane and appropriate to take to the office. I like my briefcase, but I need more room. I looked at Tumi and they seem a bit small for what you pay. Recommendations? I don't want crazy colors.
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    Should Men Wear Bracelets ?

    Where do you guys like to go buy leather/silver jewelry like necklaces/bracelets, etc. not the expensive stuff and Peoples/Diamonds, but more the beach/casual/clubbing stuff. What stores (independent or in malls) sell this with good selection?
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    Navigating Luggage Dilemmas: Tips and Advice Needed

    thanks in advance for any help
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    Navigating Luggage Dilemmas: Tips and Advice Needed

    Hey everyone, I'm facing a bit of a luggage dilemma and could use some advice. I'm planning a trip, and I'm torn between investing in a sturdy hardshell suitcase or opting for a more versatile and lightweight soft-sided one. On one hand, I love the durability and protection that hardshell...
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    Seeking Advice on Custom Initial Necklace

    Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
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    Seeking Advice on Custom Initial Necklace

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for recommendations on where to purchase a high-quality custom initial necklace. I want something that is durable and won't tarnish easily, as I plan on wearing it frequently. Additionally, I'm interested in hearing about your experiences with different materials...
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    To beard or not to beard?

    Does having a well maintained beard make a difference in a companies hiring/firing decisions? I hate shaving (my face is always irritated), enjoy having a beard and frankly, think I look better with a beard than without… It seems like there are companies out there who have an anti-facial hair...
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    Cowboy Boots

    Was watching a guy today he had his Jeans tucked into his Cowboy Boots. I was thinking nobody does this. But got to thinking a person has a thousand dollar pair of Boots why not show them off?
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    Workwear Vests

    I really have no need, and don't want to wear my tool belt / bags much of the the time. Working right out of my bucket boss works pretty well. If I'm using more than one type of fastener I seem to use the belt. I'm not completely sold on the Blaklader vest. I'll get a big enough size, that's not...

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