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  1. nabottle

    Aero Leather Type III 557XX Blue Vicenza 42

    What's the shoulder measurement from seam to seam? This is the one that usually prevents me getting a cool jacket like this, but hopefully not this time.
  2. nabottle

    Eastman B-3: 1937 S.F.A.D. Merino Fleece - Size 44R

    Both jackets have now sold. Thanks for everything you guys and have a wonderful 2023!
  3. nabottle

    Eastman B-3: 1937 S.F.A.D. Merino Fleece - Size 44R

    The Filson has sold. I'm listing these jackets on Ebay today. I have more photos available, if you'd like any. Let me know if you need specific photos or if you have any questions at all. I will sell these jackets, so if you'd like to make me an offer.....fire away.
  4. nabottle

    Eastman B-3: 1937 S.F.A.D. Merino Fleece - Size 44R

    I'm going to list this Eastman B-3 SFAD in a size 44 and a Filson Lined Mackinaw Wool Packer in a size Medium from Winter of 2019/2020. It's the Mostly grey with red plaid pattern. I bought the Filson brand new in January 2020 and it has never been worn out of my Florida home. I've tried it on...
  5. nabottle

    Role club engineering boots

    What US size does this boot equate to? Is it a standard US D width? Any fit information would be appreciated.
  6. nabottle

    FS: The Real McCoy's 30S SPORTS JACKET / COOPER Sz 44

    This jacket looks very sharp! I have a couple of questions: 1. Is it black, brown, blackened brown, etc.? 2. Are there any scratches, scuff, etc.? 3. Are you the only owner? Any info would be appreciated. Shannon in Florida
  7. nabottle

    FS Made in England SJC two tone Balmoral boots £30 size UK 10 vgc

    These are AWESOME!!! I've got to have them.
  8. nabottle

    Custom Simmons Bilt x Standard & Strange Two Lane Blacktop II Leather Jacket - 44

    This jacket looks TOTALLY KILLER! It's a little rich for my taste, but I'm keeping an eye on it...........just in case the price happens to drop.
  9. nabottle

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    The jacket is totally KILLER!!!!
  10. nabottle

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Yesterday, Sunday........@ St. Augustine Beach, FL, it was a very breezy 38F..........and I got the chance to wear this killer B-6 made by Simmons Bilt. I purchased it from a totally top shelf dude - Maarten. To those of you who may run across his path in the future......he will impress the HELL...
  11. nabottle

    FS Eastman Rough Wear 27752 44

    I can't get this jacket out of my head. If I was religious, I'd pray about it.
  12. nabottle

    FS Eastman Rough Wear 27752 44

    This jacket looks to be my exact size. Hmmmmmmm..........
  13. nabottle

    NWB Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan Medallion Captoe Boots 10.5D

    DAMN! These are definitely stunning and they're now in the forefront of my "Wants List".
  14. nabottle

    Custom Simmons Bilt B-6 Size 44 vintage

    Hello. This is great looking jacket. Has it already been sold?
  15. nabottle

    Eastman B3 like new $1350

  16. nabottle

    Eastman Luftwaffe – 44

    This is definitely a killer looking jacket!
  17. nabottle

    Simonds Caps

    This cap is exceptional, Barry! I have a question regarding the amount of adjustment. How much sizing difference is there?
  18. nabottle

    Fine Creek Leather Leon Custom 2mm (sz.46, fits like 44)

    This jacket is sharp! I'm not familiar with the brand, so bear with me when I ask,"Is this leather finish already aged like this or has it aged with the wear?". My assumption is that this has a leather finish which appears old and probably ages immediately with wear, but I don't want to assume...
  19. nabottle

    Freewheelers Brakeman 44

    More photos?

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